Ways to strip paint from concrete window sills.

The more layers of paint on concrete window sills the more arduous the task of removing them. That is particularly cogent in relation to the traditional methods of stripping paint which are neither safe nor fully effective. Trade painters have had to live with this unsatisfactory situation for an eternity, spending laborious hours painstakingly removing paint from concrete window sills with these inefficient and unsafe methods.The different methods available have their own particular drawbacks. Heat treatment is a slow process often producing noxious vapours, fumes and smoke that can irritate eyes and the respiratory system. Even with the protection of a breathing mask and goggles you can still experience unpleasant effects. Another traditional method is deployment of mechanical means such as manual or electrical sanding machines. These by their very design emit clouds of material dust and even the more sophisticated models with dust bag attachments still release dust which again causes reactions such as sneezing and eye irritation. The third and probably most used option is solvents. These are a very harsh method which is unsafe and emits strong chemical odours that are not only unpleasant but can cause irritated airways and stinging eyes. The painting and decorating community have long awaited a better solution to paint stripping that is safe effective and fast. A new way to strip paint from concrete has recently appeared thanks to the R&D work of C Tec who have invented a new product that ticks all the requisite boxes for the Construction and Painting industries.

A paint stripping solution that works efficiently and safely.

This amazing new paint stripping invention, specifically developed with the Construction industry in mind, is proving a big hit with all those who have used it to date. It is a very versatile product with successful application on multiple materials and surfaces. The product mantra – “Don’t burn it. Peel it!” succinctly encapsulates the working concept in practice and gives you some insight into the paint stripper’s unique ability to do what it effectively says on the tin. Its recognised capacity to react quickly with the paint on contact means that the resulting residue can literally be peeled away within ten minutes of its spray application. The magical result is a clinically clean surface that is totally receptive to a new coat of paint. This new product, Peel Tec, is like a miracle to painters who extoll its wonderful capacity to get the job done safely, efficiently, quickly and effortlessly. It comes in the form of a handy aerosol with a unique nozzle to deliver the product directly to the target area. Thanks to its safe formulation it is Methyl Chloride free which resonates well with a consumer population who are wisely wary of dangerous chemicals in other products. Its formulation also means it does not damage the base material but prepares it perfectly for a new coat of paint. Peel Tec is another excellent product to join C Tec’s range of  sealants and adhesives that have taken the Construction Industry by storm.

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