Ways to remove varnish from stair treads

Stair treads, such as those manufactured from teak, mahogany, oak, cherry, beech, ash or birch, normally receive a lacquer finish to complement the wood and highlight the natural wood grain. As a focal point in entrance hallways in many homes, stairs attract the immediate attention of visitors meriting a perpetual scuff free perfect lacquered finish. The single most used part of the stairs is undoubtedly the treads – bearing the brunt of regular footfall. Damage to stair treads can be caused by rough soles or stones stuck between sole grips. The latter can leave indelible marks or light scratches that can only be erased with a new coat of stain or lacquer.  Children can inflict this type of damage on stairs through constant use and with scant regard for due care – at which point a revarnish is necessary to restore the treads original integrity. That is not an easy task taking into consideration the unsafe and ineffective  methods traditionally available for removing the worn and tatty lacquer finish. One such method of burning with a blowtorch is not a healthy option nor is another method of using a hazardous solvent which has inherent dangers. Deploying a mechanical sander which produces a lot of dust is not a satisfactory solution either. Painters and decorators have lived with these paint removal methods that proved tedious, time consuming and inefficient. You are looking for a product, a new solution  that will quickly dissolve the varnish on application without damaging the surface and will peel off easily to leave a clean surface ready for a new coat of varnish

There is a new varnish remover that is fast, safe and efficient

This latest addition to C Tec’s Snag List Eliminator family is creating quite a furore in the Construction industry with particular applicability to the painting and decorating sector. This new paint stripper is specially formulated to eliminate the health hazards associated with other solvents and is Methyl Chloride free. It is vapourless and emits no toxic fumes, qualities which makes it an immediate hit with painters and third parties alike. Its greatest prowess is to actually remove unwanted paint from practically all material surfaces with the minimal effort and no resultant scratches or damage . Its versatility enables it to remove paint from multiple surfaces in a fast and efficient manner. Peel Tec dispenses with those unsafe and tedious methods of paint removal that have plagued the trade for so long and heralds a new era of fast safe paint stripping. To administer this product you simply trigger the unique nozzle which delivers the appropriate amount of spray to the target surface area. The solution will do its work of preparing the paint for removal with a scraper, within ten minutes, without damaging in any way, the base material. The paint will simply peel away with the aid of a  scraper leaving a clinically clean surface for a fresh coat of paint.  A wipe with a cloth and a light spray of another of C Tec’s magical products – Multisolve – will provide a properly prepared pristine surface free of any residue of the old paint. This super efficient product will reduce labour considerably and render the paint removal or stripping process much more economical than any of its tried and tested competitive counterparts.

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