Ways to remove paint from a Doll’s House

A doll’s house is every little girl’s pride and joy so it is essential that it always looks in great decorative order and worthy of her unswerving love and approval. Even if she cares for it with great daily devotion and keeps it tidy and clean, there will come a day, through normal wear and tear, when it will require a fresh face lift or new coat of paint to sustain its integrity and to display the original, decorative, factory finish which provides that wow factor. Evidently this repaint task is not a job for the faint hearted as colour schemes on dolls’ houses can be intricate and varied. A certain penchant for painting and decor and an eye for detail is required to accomplish the desired colourful finish but before that can be initiated there is the primary procedure of removing the old paint. The artist can deploy a number of possible methods but they all come with either health hazards, lengthy application and clean up times and potentially necessitate several treatments. None of them are entirely satisfactory for those very reasons and present a problem in choosing the best product to safely remove the paint. That issue is no longer etched on the worried faces of the prospective painters or artists who now embrace a new revolutionary solution to the problem.

We now have a labour reducing effective way to remove paint

The new most effective way to remove paint from a doll’s house is the brainchild of the C Tec team who have developed a new product that removes paint safely, quickly and effectively from multiple surfaces. In the home environment, any solution for removing paint from a doll’s house must have a safety consideration. The formulation must be totally non toxic with no vapour or fumes emissions whilst offering the capability of doing its work effectively and efficiently within the shortest time frame. C Tec’s magical product  fulfils all the necessary criteria to make it the number one choice for removing paint from a doll’s house and rises to meet every aspect of the challenge in this very instance. It draws the curtain on all those unsafe and tedious methods of the past and heralds a new era of safe effective paint removal.

Peel Tec is a unique paint removing  product whose formulation ensures it is Methyl Chloride free – a chemical that can cause health problems. It is a labour saving solution with its amazing characteristics Its proven qualities will provide an economical approach to paint removal and in the case of the doll’s house, the paint will be removed painlessly leaving a clinically clean surface for an inspired repaint process. Peel Tec’s safe application provides a surface free of blemishes or scratches and ensures a smooth, professional new paint finish. Operationally the product is simple to apply. It comes in a handy aerosol and the content is delivered via a unique nozzle that triggers the correct amount of spray on to the targeted surface and sets to work immediately. Within ten minutes the dissolved layers of paint can be removed quickly with a paint scraper. The effort and time required to complete the task is minimal with the fast wipe of a cloth providing the final touch to a successful task accomplishment. Peel Tec’s mantra is – Don’t burn it. Peel it!

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