Underwater Sealant

Believe it or not, there was a time when there was no such thing as an underwater sealant. People struggled to find a high quality solution for their underwater bonding needs, which is when C-Tec stepped up and delivered the ultimate solution. We were the first ever company to introduce an Underwater Sealant into the market. This miraculous sealant quickly became known as The Snag List Eliminator. Where other sealants failed, CT1 excelled. However, after a period of time our competitors attempted to follow our lead. Many of them introduced their own underwater sealants in an attempt to mimic our product in both marketing and demonstrations. Most of these second class underwater sealants are M.S polymers, which is modified silicone and a big improvement on conventional silicone and acrylic sealants. Despite their attempt though, none of these manufacturers fully succeeded in creating a product as waterproof as CT1.

So, what makes CT1 so unique?

CT1 is a hybrid polymer consisting of a unique formula that allows it to adhere underwater. Superficially, it is not that difficult to demonstrate a Sealant Underwater but the question is how long will the seal last when continually submerged in water? We know from various tests that CT1 as an Underwater Sealant will surpass any alternative, especially with continued exposure to water. This amazing sealant has the qualities of not only a construction sealant, but also an industrial adhesive and a filler. Despite having such a strong bond, this product is 100% odourless.

This waterproof sealant works in both dry and wet conditions. You can apply it underwater, which makes it perfect for emergency boat repairs. Marine and boating occupiers are rarely on board without a cartridge of CT1 handy in their toolbox. This means that they can fish and sail the seven seas knowing that if an accident or emergency occurs, they have the solution for the job. Our underwater adhesive and sealant can also be used in salt-water environments without risk of corrosion over time. CT1 will never lose its initial grab, remaining perfectly in-tact no matter the weather.

Not only is CT1 the ultimate Underwater Sealant but it’s also the ultimate Structural Adhesive. When it comes to sealing a garden pool or swimming pool, for example, CT1 is perfect for the job. This is due to the fact that a good adhesion takes place between the concrete and rubber, ensuring a strong and powerful bond no matter what. Another great advantage of using CT1 as an underwater sealant is the fact that it will not shrink, crack or even sag over time. Once you apply this sealant and adhesive to the required area, you’ll never again have to worry about coming back a few months down the line to re-apply the sealant. You can depend on CT1 to last a lifetime.

CT1 will act as the perfect solution for an Underwater Sealant and Construction Adhesive.

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