The Number One Sealant for Bathroom Renovations

Renovating a bathroom requires many different moving parts. Whether you’re stripping out your entire bathroom and replacing it with something brand new or just updating a few key pieces, there’s lots to think about. One key part of any bathroom renovation is the sealant you choose.

While sealant isn’t the most exciting part of a renovation, it can be highly effective in tying together the final look, and help give a professional, clean finish. Choosing the right sealant is crucial to get the great, high-quality effect you desire. Select the best sealant, and you’ll have a fantastic-looking bathroom for years to come. Select a low-quality sealant, and you may find yourself renovating again before you know it…

There’s only one sealant decorating experts turn to for bathroom renovations – BT1. BT1 is described as the ultimate bathroom sealant and adhesive because it’s the number one choice for so many in the industry. Its incredible bond, staying power, and ease of use make it a no-brainer for anyone looking to revamp their bathroom effectively and effortlessly.

Those that choose BT1 as a renovation partner look for quality in all areas. If you’re renovating your bathroom yourself and using BT1 for the first time, it’s not challenging to get a professional-looking finish – if you follow these simple steps! Here’s how to use the number one sealant to get the best results for your bathroom renovations.

  1. Remove all existing sealant

If you’re starting with a blank canvas and all-new fixtures, you may not need to bother with this step. However, if there is pre-existing sealant still present, the very first step is to remove all of it. To do this, take a Stanley knife, sharp-edged scraper or a multipurpose tool with a scraper attachment, and cut into the existing sealant. Be careful not to scratch the base materials. Sharp tools should cut through the sealant with ease making it easy to lift away from the surface. Where possible, you may be able to remove the sealant with your hands only.

  1. Clean the application area

BT1 forms a powerful bond in any condition (even underwater!) but to ensure the most professional finish possible, it’s best to clean the area first. Use a cloth with soap and warm water to remove any dust, dirt, or other renovation residue, then rinse and dry the area.

With sealant application, preparation really is the key to success. Nothing will help you get a great finish like a perfectly prepared surface.

  1. Apply BT1

Use a sharp tool to snip the tip of the BT1 nozzle and load the cartridge into your caulking gun. Then place the nozzle where you want to apply the sealant and gently, evenly, apply pressure to the trigger. Distribute the BT1 as needed. Finally, take a wet finger, and smooth along the BT1 sealant to get that perfect finish bathroom renovators dream of!

Ready to renovate your bathroom? Don’t start without picking up your BT1. BT1 is widely available, including in Wickes stores across the UK. Check out their 230+ stores or find BT1 on their website now.

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