The New Generation of Chemical Fixings and Fasteners

Power Grab n Bond has exploded into the market, taking the lead in the field of chemical fixings and fasteners in the same way as the mobile phone did to telecommunications. Chemical fixings have been the trade’s only choice for many years in many industrial applications.

Chemical fixings were introduced when the demand on stress was greater than a conventional mechanical fixing could withstand, so by developing a chemical that would harden around and encapsulate a mechanical fixing this in theory would considerably increase the strength resistance of the mechanical fixings.

This was achievable by the chemical adhesive etching into the concrete and curing but at the same time etching and bonding itself to the mechanical fixings. This method of chemical fixings or chemical anchoring as it is most commonly known was a very successful fixings solution for years. However, like all dated technology, chemical fixings have a range of disadvantages which leads to poor performances. Firstly, you have to drill into the substrate and, in materials such as marble or granite, this is not an easy exercise. Secondly, you have to ensure that all the dust has been completely removed, otherwise the chemical adhesives will not bond, and thirdly one size of chemical fixing will not do all jobs. There are several different sizes of chemical fixing bolts to facilitate different applications.

After some considerable research and development, C-Tec (the CT1 people) have developed a new generation of chemical fixings to replace the conventional fasteners and fixings – introducing the unbelievable Power Grab n Bond.

Power Grab n Bond has a unique hybrid polymer formulation. Its curing process has been engineered during the manufacturing process to create an instant grab non-comparable to any product in the market. This is the ultimate fixings product, can you imagine taking a concrete slab weighing 9/10kgs applying beads of Power Grab n Bond onto it and being able to affix the slab onto a vertical surface with no support or sliding – it’s incredible! The bond is stronger than the base material and is able to resist shock, impact, vibration and weather elements unlike some chemical fixings.

If you visit some more of our article pages or testimonial sections, you can find more in depth information on how Power Grab n Bond is the ultimate fixings solution. Many of our retail customers are fixings and fasteners suppliers who are actively promoting and selling Power Grab n Bond as the new generation of fixings to their trade customers.



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