The most efficient paint remover.

When undertaking the task of applying a new coat of paint it is essential to remember that the preparatory work is half the battle. Like the old adage reminds us – fail to prepare, prepare to fail. The professional painter will remove old layers of paint before even thinking of applying a new coat. It is part of the painting process that not every DIY adherent is aware of. The trade painter will inform you that painting over old paint simply reinforces the blemishes, flaws and poor paint finish of previous layers. It is therefore imperative to remove those imperfect layers and start afresh with a new coat of paint on a clinically clean target surface. That way you can achieve a smooth, flawless finish that mimics the prototype and restores the object to its full integrity. As regards the most efficient product for the task, it is currently a throw of the die to choose from a select number of solutions that claim the capability of removing paint effectively. When you read the product literature they all purport to be the most efficient solution on the market but there are issues with safety, ease of product application, paint residue removal, and the integrity of the material surface. Traditional methods present their own individual drawbacks including lack of safety. Heat treatment is tedious, producing unpleasant fumes and smoke. Electric and manual sanding produces clouds of harmful dust while Solvents emit harmful vapours and can damage material surfaces These add up to unsafe, inefficient and time wasting solutions. The question remains – is there a product out there that covers all the bases as the most efficient paint remover?

A new inventive paint remover is available to meet the task.

The short answer to the question is – a definitive yes! C Tec have developed an amazing paint removal solution specifically for the Construction Industry – the result of an intensive period of product research. It joins the C Tec family of illustrious adhesives and sealants that have introduced a new dimension to ‘can do’ products. Peel Tec is a revolutionary formulation that is Methyl Chloride free – an extremely important safety feature that resonates strongly with a safety aware consumer public. Its technical prowess is reflected in its ability to fulfil the criteria for paint removal efficiency and its delivery from a handy aerosol container provides the right amount of product to the required area. The fast acting spray gel structure dissolves the paint within ten minutes of application and produces a peel away residue that is effortlessly removed with a scraper. This versatile product is clinically efficient on practically all material surfaces and provides an uncompromised clean base for a new coat of paint. This labour saving solution says goodbye to those tiresome and unsafe methods of removing paint. Peel Tec is the height of efficiency and will ensure you have a perfectly prepared surface for a repaint job.

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