The most effective way to repair a cracked brick pier.

The most effective way to repair a cracked brick pier is to source an efficient hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant that will seal the crack tightly to prevent further erosion and crack widening.

A crack in a pier can be caused by simple settlement, subsidence of foundation or tree roots undermining the foundation. If it is a serious issue such as foundation problems then the pier may have to be rebuilt, but other cracking can be quickly and effectively repaired with the right solution without having to make any structural repairs. The traditional method is insertion of mortar, coloured to match the brick, into the crack, but the problem with that is erosion in weather extremes and temperature fluctuations resulting in the crack opening up again. The process is also labour intensive and expensive with no guarantee about either its efficiency or longevity. This is a universal problem with brickwork that requires a universal solution. The challenge is to find an effective adhesive/sealant that will glue and seal the crack efficiently and permanently. This begs the question – is there such a solution yet available? Fortunately a revolutionary new adhesive/sealant has been developed to replace traditional glues and silicones and it has quickly become the ‘go to’ product for all bonding applications.

An amazing new adhesive/sealant comes to the rescue.

CT1, the home of a family of very successful adhesives and sealants to the Construction Industry, has researched and developed a revolutionary new bonding agent that is an effective replacement product for all silicones and traditional glues. The eponymous sealant/adhesive is CT1, a uniquely formulated hybrid polymer that seals and bonds simultaneously. It is compatible with practically all materials and as a solvent free agent it does not shrink, which makes it an ideal sealant solution for fixing cracks in brick piers. It bonds as it seals ensuring that sealed joints are not susceptible to water penetration or extreme temperatures. Industrial operatives who have successfully used the product testify to its very high tensile strength as well as its flexibility which allows material movement without risking the bonding efficiency of the adhesive element. Its multiple application capability makes it a very versatile bonding solution and it has quickly developed into the adhesive/sealant of choice for not only Construction operatives but trades people across a wide range of industries and businesses. CT1 has also grown in popularity as the ‘go to’ adhesive sealant for domestic and household applications. Its adhesion and sealing qualities are unsurpassed and it is recognised as food safe and environmentally friendly. This revolutionary and unique combination of  comprehensive characteristics makes CT1 the perfect solution for effectively repairing a cracked brick pier both fro a practical and cosmetic perspective.

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