The easiest way to repair a concealed leaking pipe in a Solar Heating unit.

Should a leak develop in a Solar Panel unit, there are a number of options for resolving the problem. The immediate solution that springs to mind is to replace the offending part or whole section of the system which in essence could be quite an expensive job considering purchase of parts and labour costs.  Should the Solar Panels be roof mounted then that presents the extra problem of accessibility which will require professional assistance and use of a cherry picker or mechanical lift/elevator to safely gain access to the roof. It will require a Solar Panel technician to complete the task at a time appointed by the Company so this option is neither immediate or economical. The alternative is to find a liquid sealant that will seal the leak internally when poured into the system. This solution seems much more practicable, if you can find a sealant that seals instantly, permanently and safely. If it is a ground based Solar Panel then accessibility is not an issue and administering an effective liquid sealant can be done on a DIY basis. If roof mounted a sealant could be added to the system in the attic space where batteries are located. The million dollar question is – can you source an efficient sealant that ticks all the crucial criteria boxes. Until quite recently that was an impossible task as available sealants did not tick the safety box. That situation has been transformed with the development of a revolutionary new sealant.

A newly developed sealant seals safely, efficiently and permanently.

C Tec, the home of a family of highly acclaimed adhesives and sealants, developed specifically for the Construction Industry, has researched and developed an astounding new sealant that ticks all the requisite boxes for efficiency and safety in providing a permanent seal to water leaks in concealed heating and cooling unit pipes. Miracle Seal by name and miraculous by nature – this amazing product actually does what it says on the tin by providing an instant, safe and permanent repair to leaking Solar panels. It dispenses with more expensive repair solutions such as panel replacement and provides a cure that only requires pouring the liquid into the Solar Panel piping to complete its work of sealing the offending leaking pipe. Miracle Seal contains lubricant components that protect the system workings and safeguard its integrity. Its revolutionary formulation not only seals the immediate leak but also protects the rest of the system from future potential leaks, providing total peace of mind in the knowledge that the problem will not have to be revisited. It is fast becoming the latest plumber’s mate and go to solution for all water leak problems. Bottled in a handy container that tradesmen insist on having at hand for those unforeseen pipe leaks, this sealant solution is taking the Construction Industry and DIY sector by storm. Miracle Seal is undoubtedly the safest, most efficient, economical and easiest way to repair a leak in a concealed pipe in a Solar Panel Unit.

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