The easiest way to remove varnish

Removing varnish from a material surface should be a straightforward process if you find the right product that ticks all the requisite boxes. What constitutes the right product can be defined in terms of safety and technical effectiveness. The starting point in searching for the perfect solution is to look at what has been historically available as varnish remover options. With traditional methods of removing varnish there are reservations both from a safety and technical efficiency perspective. Many products contain Methyl Chloride which is not safe and therefore cannot be endorsed while others simply do not measure up to expectations on the technical front – they do not remove the varnish sufficiently cleanly to allow the material surface to be effectively and smoothly revarnished. If we consider the traditional methods of removing varnish we can appreciate their lack lustre capabilities and inherent weaknesses. Mechanical methods involving electric and manual sanding options present challenges in terms of labour intensity. They also create dust emissions that can cause respiratory problems. With heat treatment there is the inherent problem of scorching which can be exacerbated through the use of a blowtorch- indiscriminately burning a wood surface, causing unpleasant fumes and smoke which can irritate the respiratory system and even sting eyes. Finally, solvents, which are very harsh agents, can damage material surfaces through caustic effects and create unpleasant or even toxic vapours that can all pose a health risk to operatives and third parties. The question on your lips at this juncture is – “ is there a safe effective solution to varnish removal on the market yet?”

A revolutionary varnish remover has been developed

Thanks to C Tec, who have already provided the Construction Industry with a family of successful sealants and adhesives, there is a new revolutionary varnish removal product available to the paint trade and consumer public at large. It is the result of an intensive period of research and development by the Company into a fail safe solution for removing varnish from multiple surfaces. The have come up with a product named Peel Tec which has received glowing testimonials since its arrival on the market. It is a colourless and almost odourless spray gel that is formulated to be Methyl Chloride free – a factor that resonates deeply with a safety conscious consumer population. The Construction Industry have been very lavish in their praise of this product which is fast becoming the painter’s handy mate de rigueur. While its safety has been highlighted its technical capability has also been extolled. Within ten minutes of its application to the target surface the resultant residue is ready to be peeled away to reveal a pristine surface that is well prepared for a revarnish. This exemplary product provides the ideal clinically clean material base for the successfully smooth application of the new varnish coat providing an attractive and protective professional finish. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol container that dispenses the required amount of spray gel product directly to the target area with no mess. It eats into the layers of varnish immediately completing its task within ten minutes od application. Removing the residual detritus with a scraper is a fast and effortless task. Peel Tec is the easiest way to remove varnish.

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