The best way to tighten loose table stretchers.

Table stretchers can become loose over time due to glue shrinkage in the joint caused by a combination of low humidity and general wear and tear. Older rustic pine tables with a single or double stretcher can succumb to the wood glue shrinkage problems caused by ambient conditions or extremes such as temperature fluctuations and low humidity. Wood glues which were used extensively in the past to glue stretchers, unfortunately dry out, disintegrate and degrade eventually leaving loose rattling stretchers. Pine tables were a natural feature in every country cottage over generations and formed the centre of cooking and dining activity for every country family. They were made with double stretchers to consolidate the table structure but also to provide a very functional storage area. They were ideal for storing pots, pans and many other kitchen utensils and even though they were heavy in construction, they were susceptible to constant wear and tear which along with atmospheric conditions eventually loosened them. Many similar tables are still used in country homes and succumb to the same wear and tear issues. Thankfully they can be quickly repaired with an application of an effective superglue – the challenge is finding the best product to do the job proficiently. Ideally you are looking for a solvent free cyanoacrylate superglue that has sheer tensile strength, is shrink resistant and provides a permanent solution. It is difficult to find a superglue that boasts all these characteristics combined with a safety element – is there such a product out there?

A revolutionary superglue comes to the rescue.

An amazing superglue has been developed by CT1, the Company who have developed a family of illustrious sealants and adhesives for the Construction Industry. Its credentials as the number one  ‘go to’  gluing product on the market are acclaimed by construction operatives across the UK, Ireland, Norway and Spain. As a multiple application adhesive it has quickly become the de facto ‘go to’ superglue for a host of other industries and businesses who extol its excellent qualities as the most effective superglue available. The medical industry and hospitality sector endorse Superfast Plus as the superglue of choice. You may ask – what makes it such a great product? It is primarily a unique formulation discovered through an intensive period of product research and development carried out by CT1. It is a cyanoacrylate one component solvent free superglue that has been designed to glue practically all materials with high tensile strength and longevity. Its formulation means it is resistant to solvents, oil and benzene and ensures it is compatible with practically all materials – causing no damage to their surfaces. Superfast Plus is also less toxic than other glues and resists atmospheric and temperature fluctuations which makes it a stable gluing solution. All that is required to tighten the loose stretcher is a light application of the glue in the joint – a process which is facilitated through delivery of Superfast Plus via an applicator nozzle on the bottle of superglue. Grab is instantaneous and the super hard bond dries out into an invisible finish. The stretcher can be restored to its original condition thanks to this miraculous superglue.

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