The best way to strip varnish from a piano

A piano in need of a coat of varnish sets a real challenge to the prospective painter or decorator and demands a skill set that can exceed the talents of the average trade person. With such a cherished musical instrument it behoves the paint and varnish operative to take great care and patience in undertaking the task. A piano surface is quite extensive and to restore it to its former lustrous lacquered finish requires a clear plan of action and an experienced professional operative who knows exactly what is required and how to accomplish it. The traditional methods of stripping varnish would certainly create problems in this instance where a perfectly prepared surface is a prerequisite for a successful outcome. Burning off the old coat of lacquer is certainly prohibitive and using harsh solvents to remove the varnish also presents dangers in terms of safety and effectiveness. Scratches or any other damaging defects could render the piano practically worthless as a valuable or antique piece of furniture especially if its integrity is completely compromised, so finding a product that ticks all the essential boxes is imperative. The best way to strip varnish from a piano is to deploy a revolutionary and innovative varnish removing product that has recently been developed by C Tec. This amazing solution is fast becoming the painter’s mate ‘de rigueur’ as it gains traction in the Construction Industry across the Uk, Ireland and Europe.

A varnish remover that does what it claims safely

The best solution for stripping varnish from a piano has finally arrived on the marketplace. It lives up to its claims and is growing exponentially in popularity among the Construction and Painting fraternity. Reviews of this innovative product affirm its efficiency, speed and safety in accomplishing the varnish removal task. Experienced painters extoll its positive properties and claim it to be the perfect answer for varnish removal. Its versatility means it can be used on a wide variety of material surfaces without damaging the base or substrate. That is certainly a quality that is dearly appreciated by operatives undertaking sensitive tasks such as stripping varnish from a piano. A valuable grand piano or even a concert upright model require kid glove treatment where any transformative decorative work is required and this new efficient product has been designed and developed to deal effectively with those sensitive surface restorative tasks. Peel Tec, the amazing new revolutionary varnish removing solution from C Tec is available in a handy aerosol which delivers the exact amount of spray gel via a unique nozzle to the target material surface area. Its formulation ensures a safe product that is Methyl Chloride free and presents no health issues in comparison to other competitive varnish removing solvents. It begins to eat into the varnish immediately on application and leaves a peel away residue within ten minutes which can be scraped off quickly with the least amount of effort. Its efficiency is astounding, as it shifts the varnish to leave a clinically clean and undamaged surface for a new coat of restorative varnish. Peel Tec will transform the piano’s lacquered surface by providing the perfect base for that new coat of smooth varnish that will restore its integrity and beautiful cosmetic  facade.

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