The best way to strip paint from a picnic bench

With the first rays of summer sun we are drawn to our gardens and the seasonal pleasures of dining al fresco. This elicits a sudden rush to ensure our patios and garden furniture look their best for the summer season. Suddenly, the amount of remedial work required dawns on us as we feel the dread of having to use those tedious methods of removing worn paint from the outdoor furniture in preparation for a repaint. Picnic benches in particular are displaying the ravages of winter past and demand a face lift in order to look presentable, clean and fit for purpose. In summers past there was a choice of several methods for removing the old paint but the process was unsafe, slow and laborious.You are really looking for a paint stripping product that is primarily safe, effective, fast and economical. A picnic bench will receive a lot of wear and tear besides the normal damage caused by exposure to the elements so a genuinely fail safe product is required to remove the paint. C Tec have researched, developed and manufactured a proprietary paint remover that is literally taking the Painting and Decorating sector by storm.

The most efficient and best way to remove paint has finally arrived.

The task of restoring the picnic bench is no longer a chore but a time saving delight that can be accomplished with assurance and gusto, thanks to a newly invented revolutionary solution. We can dispense with those old methods of burning, stripping with unsafe solvents or mechanically sanding with the inherent dust implications and embrace the new solution. Simply grab an aerosol of the new paint remover, deliver the exact amount of product via a unique nozzle onto the picnic bench and leave it for up to ten minutes to do its work, at which point you simply scrape off the residue with a paint scraper. No great effort is required and the job can be accomplished in a fraction of the time normally taken by other less effective solutions. The results are spectacular, with a clinically clean surface that is receptive to a new coat of paint. have researched, developed and manufactured a proprietary paint remover that is literally taking the Painting and Decorating sector by storm.  Peel Tec, the new C Tec invention, is a paint removing solution that is being acclaimed by the Construction Industry as a magical product. It safely and quickly removes paint from practically all material surfaces in preparation for a new coat of paint or varnish.

The most wonderful property of Peel Tec over and above its ability to do the job effectively and quickly is its safe formulation. It is Methyl Chloride free which means that it does not contain a dangerous chemical substance that is in general detrimental to your health. Due to its unique formulation it will neither emit toxic vapours nor compromise the target surface with unwarranted scratches or damage. From a practical as well as safety perspective it ticks all the boxes as a  safe efficient time saving paint removal solution.

Thanks to an application of this proficient product your picnic bench can be restored to its original new look, decoratively and hygienically ready for family picnics throughout the summer months. As a centre-piece of outdoor seasonal dining its restoration will delight children and adults alike as they enjoy their barbecues and the social aspect of collective dining al fresco. We can thank CTec for giving us the fruits of their labour – Peel Tec – a magical paint removing solution that takes the donkey work out of removing old paint from picnic benches.

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