The best way to strip paint from a metal security door.

What is the best way to strip paint from a metal security door? Obviously the paint stripper needs to be of industrial strength and quality to successfully and safely strip paint from such a heavy duty object. The only reason for stripping the paint in this instance is to (a) give it a new coat of paint that will protect it from corrosion, especially if it is located outside and is exposed to the elements and (b) to brighten and rejuvenate its facade. The properties that should be present in a totally effective and safe paint remover include : ease of application, fast chemical reaction with the paint, dissolving it to a peel away residue and the ability to provide a clinically clean and uncompromised base for the application of a new coat of paint. Finding all this criteria in traditional methods of stripping paint is an impossible task as they all are unsafe and have their snags. For example : Solvents are very abrasive, can damage certain material surfaces and emit noxious fumes and vapours. Heat treatment, including blowtorch use can cause scorching of the surface and produce eye and throat stinging smoke. Mechanical methods, as in manual and electrical sanding are labour intensive, tedious and produce harmful clouds of dust that can irritate the eyes and respiratory system. The problem at this juncture is what next?  Fortunately a solution has been developed recently that provides a one stop shop for stripping paint efficiently and safely from practically all material surfaces.

A one-stop-shop positive criteria fulfilling paint stripper is now available.

The Painting and Decorating trade are rejoicing at the development of a revolutionary paint stripping solution. C Tec have invented an amazing product that will strip paint effectively and safely in a fraction of the time required by alternatives. Its innovative and much lauded formulation makes it both a very safe and effective product that works on practically all material surfaces with uncompromising efficiency. The singularly incredible thing is its ability to leave a clinically clean undamaged base for a new coat of paint. Peel Tec, developed specifically for the Construction Industry, is taking the Painting and Decorating sector by storm. Its technical efficacy is matched only by its Methyl Chloride free formulation. Trade reviews reveal a growing customer base in the UK, Ireland and Europe with emerging markets elsewhere. It is being hailed  as the best paint stripper on the market. Peel Tec is enjoying a popularity that is normally associated with its sealant and adhesive stable companions at the C Tec product family, but is well earned. To abbreviate its successful credentials : it delivers the exact amount of product  required safely on to the material surface – in this case the metal security door; dissolves the paint into a peel away residue which is easily removable and leaves a damage free clinically clean surface for the application of a smooth coat of paint. The metal security door will be returned to its original hue thanks in large measure to Peel Tec.

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