The best way to stick vinyl to a concrete floor.

If you have been challenged by the task of sticking vinyl to a concrete floor then you will want to hear about a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that can do the job more effectively than spray adhesives that have long been used to stick down vinyl. The problem with traditional adhesive solutions is they only work temporarily and are not completely safe. You not only want an adhesive product that sticks efficiently but one that is also eco compliant and food safe – considering it is probably being fitted on a floor in your home. There are also other essential product properties that you should be aware of – which combine to form the perfect adhesive solution for sticking your vinyl to a concrete floor. Not only should it be effective from a bonding perspective but should not attack synthetic material – the actual vinyl you are installing in your home. The adhesive should really be non toxic, odourless with no nasty vapour emissions and be resistant to fungal growth, humidity and dampness. This sounds like a tall order for any one bonding product and finding the requisite solution seems even more unlikely when you demand that the ideal adhesive should also be solvent free with no isocyanates, be resistant to UV and vibration and be effective in all water environments. In essence it needs to be compatible with both vinyl and concrete material and not react with chemicals. Impossible – is your probable reaction but the challenge is to find a revolutionary adhesive/sealant that will stick the vinyl effectively with no surface blemishes or any other material damage to provide a long lasting adhesive solution.

A safe effective adhesive has come on the market.

An amazing revolutionary adhesive/sealant by the name of CT1 has been researched and developed specifically for the Construction Industry by a Company that lend its name to their flagship adhesive/sealant. So effective and successful has this multi application bonding product proved, since its inception, that theCompany have aptly labelled it ‘The Snag List Eliminator’. Approved and endorsed by a wide Construction and Industrial fan base CT1 is acclaimed by industrial operatives in Ireland, the UK, Spain and Norway as the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice for all bonding applications. The DIY sector have thrown their weight behind the ever increasing demand for the product across Europe. Its prowess as a very strong yet flexible bonding agent that seals and glues simultaneously to provide a long lasting bond, is recognised by trades people and general consumers alike. It has also gained traction as the most popular and efficient adhesive for multi purpose bonding applications in domestic and household environments. Its attributes as a solvent free, safe hybrid polymer include instant grab and strong adhesion with resistance to UV which means it does not crack, shrink , expand or disintegrate under any conditions however extreme. CT1 is also vibration resistant and provides some flexibility whilst retaining its bonding integrity. Its compatibility with practically all materials including synthetic fibres, and its resistance to fungal growth, water penetration, and chemicals, ensures it does not cause damage to the material surface. It is the perfect adhesive solution for sticking vinyl to a concrete floor.

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