The best way to stick loose ceramic floor tiles back in place.

The best way to stick loose ceramic floor tiles back in place is to use a tried and tested efficient adhesive/sealant that bonds the tile to the concrete floor in an effective, safe and long lasting manner. That traditionally was the job of adhesives containing sand, water and cement – a rather messy mixture that is difficult to apply to the tile and keep it there until the tile is set in position. Invariably the solution falls off once the tile is turned over to be placed on the floor.  It is also difficult to judge the right amount of adhesive required to avoid over overspill and to level the tile without the adhesive squirting upwards on all four sides. The question that presents itself is – are there any better solutions on the market that could possibly replace the historic adhesion method. Thankfully we can now answer yes, due to the quite recent development of a versatile adhesive/sealant that ticks all the relevant criteria boxes as the most effective bonding product for all applications across a swathe of industries, especially the construction industry for which it was specifically designed.

A new effective adhesive with strength and longevity.

A new effective adhesive/sealant with superb strength is the result of an intensive period of product research and development by CT1, a formidable dynamic company who have created a family of successful and widely used adhesive and sealant solutions designed for practically all applications. Created with the Construction Industry in mind CT1 adhesive/sealant possesses all the necessary qualities you would expect to fulfil heavy duty adhesion and sealing tasks. It is a solvent free hybrid polymer that is compatible with practically all materials providing an unbreakable bond that is stronger than the material itself. The compatibility means that it not only bonds efficiently but is safe from both an environmental and food perspective. Moreover, it does its job thoroughly without compromising the materials integrity or damaging its surface in any way. A revolutionary product characteristic is its ability to glue and seal under water. This watertight sealing quality prevents water penetration and preserves CT1’s capability to provide a permanent adhesive/sealant solution that is resistant to chemicals, temperature extremes, fluctuating atmospheric conditions and even material movement. It has a flexibility that allows some movement in the target material whilst retaining its adhesive and sealing integrity. This means in effect that the product will never shrink or erode in either an exterior or interior environment. CT1 is the ideal solution for sticking loose ceramic floor tiles back in place cleanly, safely and effectively. Its ability to bond with high tensile strength is the mainstay of its multi application capacity and its spreadability and efficiency under water provides a revolutionary quality that makes it such a popular cross industry adhesive and sealant solution. It is very easily applied to the target surface via an applicator nozzle that controls the flow and amount of product delivery to the exact spot. This amazing adhesive agent dries to form the strongest of bonds and most effective gluing agent. Glowing testimonials and endorsements from industrial operatives and trades people across Europe reflect the amazing qualities of this multi application ‘go to’ adhesive that has taken the industrial and DIY sector by storm.

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