The best way to stick a wooden seat on a brick base patio bench.

A patio bench with a wooden seat provides a comfortable, practical and necessary accessory to an area of your home where you can chill out with family and friends on a summer evening. The only proviso is finishing off the seating by fixing that wooden seat to your brick patio bench.

There are two ways of fixing a wooden seat on top of a brick base patio bench and they are with screws or with glue. The first method is laborious, dusty, time consuming and almost antiquated in an era when faster, more efficient and cleaner solutions are available. This demands a drill, rawl plugs, screwdriver and a wood filler to cover the unsightly screws. You may even have to hire help to do the job which makes it a more expensive method altogether. The second alternative means of securing the seat top on the brick structure is to stick it in place. This requires a suitable bonding solution that is both effective and long lasting and there are quite a few proprietary brands on offer. The problem is that they are not safe and in many instances only provide a temporary bonding solution. It is not a pleasant experience having to revisit the situation when a glue fails to bond efficiently. The old adhesive residue has to be removed from the wooden seat before applying a new layer of glue and there is the anxious question – will it work this time?

Thankfully a new powerfully efficient adhesive/sealant that promises longevity has been developed to replace all other adhesives.

A new powerful adhesive/sealant is perfect bonding solution.

There is now a brilliant new efficient bonding solution for fixing the wooden seat to the brick patio bench permanently. The adhesive product is CT1 – a revolutionary invention from a Company of the same name. It has literally taken the Construction and other industries by storm with workers and operatives endorsing it as their stock in trade bonding agent of choice. This accolade aptly defines the many fine qualities of this adhesive/sealant as a replacement for all other adhesives. It was designed with the Construction Industry in mind and has been formulated to provide a versatile bonding solution for multiple bonding applications across all industries. Its quality long lasting performance combined with its eco credentials and food safe accreditation has made it the most widely used adhesive/sealant in both the medical and hospitality industries. CT1 actually does what it says on the tin and is compatible with virtually all materials. It has the unique ability of being spreadable and strong in under water conditions. Nothing compromises its bonding strength which is registered at 265N per square centimetre. It prevents water and moisture penetration preserving its integrity as an extremely strong and effective long life adhesive product. It is also resistant to vibration with an illogical flexibility that does not compromise its bonding strength. Tolerant to all conditions CT1 retains its molecular structure with no shrinkage, cracking or material disintegration providing the perfect bonding solution for sticking a wooden seat on a brick base patio bench.

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