The best way to secure a loose lens in sunglasses.

The best way to secure a loose lens in sunglasses is to find a superglue that provides instant grip, provides a long lasting solution and is non obtrusive. It needs to dry clear so there is no residue of any kind obstructing a clear view. Finding that perfect solution is easier said than done as many traditional products are chemically aggressive and could compromise the effectiveness of the adhesive bond going forward. Neither are they tolerant of different materials which could well compromise the integrity of the adhesive’s ability to bond securely. Should the adhesive product be incompatible with the target material then the bonding process will be unsuccessful and futile. It is so important to be guarded against the failings of so many potential adhesive solutions that will simply not do the job. The challenge then is in sourcing a super glue that is effective on all levels and will safely bond the lens in place. Until quite recently that has been a forlorn hope but a Company by the name of CT1 has in the recent past developed a revolutionary adhesive that ticks all the boxes for an efficient, safe and long lasting bonding solution, compatible with practically any material. That innovative adhesive has earned a very high profile thanks to its proficiency in multiple applications across a large number of industries and technical businesses in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and Europe. It has received such accolades that it has in reality become the go to adhesive for all building professionals, DIY adherents and continental households since its launch. It is the best bonding solution for sticking a loose lens in sunglasses.

A new innovative super glue proves to be most effective

A sunglasse’s lens that is loose and falls from the frame unexpectedly needs a little exterior help to keep it in situ and that comes in the form of Superfast Plus. This high tensile strength adhesive, which was developed specifically for the Construction Industry, has a unique formulation that combines strength with longevity. The special solvent free formula based on Cyanoacrylate is a one component adhesive that is compatible with and effective on practically any material. This versatility endows the product with the capability of successfully bonding any number of materials such as : metal, glass, aluminium, bronze,wood, celluloid, nulon, natural rubber, polystyrene and porcelain – all with a very frugal layer of Superfast Plus. For porous materials like wood CT1 have a complementary product named Superfast Plus Activator that prepares the surface for a more effective application of Superfast Plus super glue. With this excellent adhesive you do not have to heat, solder or mix but simply either spread or spray on to the target surface with ease and precision. The vice like product grip is instant and full cure is achieved within seconds providing a bond that can be stronger than the material itself. Being solvent free it presents less risk of shrinking or cracking and provides a permanent bonding solution. As an adhesive that also dries clear it is ideal for securing the lens in the sunglasses frame.

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