The best way to secure a loose chair spindle.

The best way to secure a loose chair spindle is to find a proficient superglue that will glue the spindle securely and permanently in place and restore the strength and integrity of the chair’s original condition. Chair spindles are usually straight lengths of wood that either form the chair back within the posts or supports or tie the front and back legs of the chair together to strengthen the structure. They are usually decoratively turned and form an attractive eye catching aspect of the chair back. They are normally fitted within the chair frame with rounded mortise and tenon joints which create a very stable and strong fixture. However they can become loose over time with wood shrinkage and degrading of the little wood glue used to secure them tightly in place. You can actually hear loose spindles rattle as a chair is pulled across the floor and that indicates the necessity to glue them firmly back in place. The main challenge to tightening these spindles is finding a super glue that will do the job efficiently and safely with no exterior damage to either the spindle surface or the chair back or seat. A number of wood glues have been the traditional choice but through time have dried out and eroded leaving a loose spindle. What is required is a very strong cyanoacrylate superglue that provides a safe and lasting gluing solution so the chair can retain its original integrity with no damage inflicted on the chair surface by the glue. The question remains – is such a super glue available?

A newly developed superglue revolutionises the gluing outcome.

A newly invented super glue by the name of Superfast Plus has created a huge stir across the UK, Ireland and many European countries – in particular Norway and Spain. Acclaimed as the go to superglue by construction operatives, its versatility as a multiple application adhesive has gained traction among a wide range of industries and businesses, including the medical industry and hospitality business. Its sheer strength, durability and versatility are in large measure due to it having been developed by CT1 with the construction industry in mind. This dynamic company  has developed an illustrious range of sealants and adhesives that have proved a real success and its latest invention is hailed as another major product coup for the company as it grows from strength to strength. The European wide distribution of its products continues to grow exponentially as their top quality and endurance continues to astound operatives in all industries and impacts their popularity ratings. To coin a cliche, Superfast Plus actually does what it says on the tin. Its unique formulation, which is solvent free, is a cyanoacrylate based superglue that is extremely strong, boasts longevity and is less toxic than any other superglues. It is the ideal solution for gluing a loose chair spindle firmly in place without causing surface damage to either the spindle or any connecting surface part of the chair. A sliver of product delivered precisely via a distributor nozzle to the spindle tenon is suffice to create an instantly strong bond that cures quickly to become a super strong spindle chair back joint. Superfast Plus complies with eco directives to provide a glue that is not only highly tensile but also safe.

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