The best way to secure a heavy masonry planter to a concrete pedestal.

The best way to secure a heavy masonry planter to a a concrete pedestal.

Heavy masonry planters  provide a focal point and add a classical ambience to lawns and raised terraces. They tie landscape decor together and really stand out when filled with colourful flowers that draw hypnotic looks from passersby. Concrete urns and large pots are traditionally fixed on pedestals with a mortar mix which holds good for a while but succumbs eventually to intemperate weather conditions, especially rain and frost. The mortar cracks and crumbles losing its bonding efficiency and has to be replaced. It is such a time consuming, labour intensive, messy process that requires measuring and mixing sand and cement and trowelling the mortar onto the pedestal. Placing the heavy masonry planter on top of its perch is not something you would want to have to repeat so finding a more permanently effective bonding solution is essential. A cyanoacrylate chemically engineered industrial adhesive would be the solution if you can find the right one. They all claim to bond quickly and effectively to provide a lasting solution but trials have told a different story with less than satisfactory outcomes. Bond strength and initial grab are often disappointing and cause frustration. They are not completely weather proofed and erode under wet and very cold conditions. However, a recently developed effective heavy duty adhesive has recently come to the rescue and has redeemed the concept of chemical bonding.


An effective heavy duty adhesive has earned its stripes.

Power Grab N Bond, from the adhesive sealant experts CT1, has been developed specifically for vertical facade bonding. It has been styled on the Company’s successful adhesive – the eponymous CT1 –  but has a much stronger density providing greater initial product grab and higher tensile strength. It is the ideal bonding solution for securing a heavy masonry planter on a concrete pedestal. Its efficiency and longevity have attracted a huge fan base from the Construction and other industries, its amazing strength being extolled by both construction workers and industrial operatives. Described as the ‘go to’ adhesive for all bonding applications it has quickly become the adhesive of choice for trades people and DIY enthusiasts alike in the UK, Spain, Ireland and Norway. Power Grab N Bond is a solvent free, non hazardous adhesive product that is compatible with almost all materials including wood, metal, glass, stone, concrete, plastic, polystyrene and many others. Its chemical structure provides resistance to UV, vibration, impact and chemicals. It does not crack, shrink or disintegrate in any conditions so retains its bonding prowess even submerged in water. This incredibly strong adhesive possesses environment friendly credentials and is certified food safe. It comes in a convenient container and is dispensed via an applicator nozzle using a caulking gun. A little Power Grab N Bond product goes a long way in effectively securing the masonry planter to the concrete pedestal as a permanent fixture.

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