The best way to seal lead flashing installation.

The undoubted best way to seal lead flashing installation is to find an adhesive sealant with a commendable track record that will protect it from extreme weather and fluctuating temperatures. It primarily needs to have excellent grab value so the lead flashing is glued in place and secondly it should have effective sealing qualities to protect the joints where it is attached to chimney stacks, concrete block or brick walls, from moisture penetration and corrosion.

There are a number of proprietary sealant products on the market but they unfortunately do not tick all the safe criteria boxes. The ideal adhesive sealant solution, which should comply at least with basic environmental standards and avow superior technical specification, should have a lasting application and long life expectancy. The product bonding needs to be rapid to hold the lead flashing in place until a complete cure is effected and the sealant should have a flexibility and invulnerability to shrinkage. It is vital that it holds its shape and retains its integrity as an effective adhesive sealant so the lead flashing joints remain totally efficient for the expectant life span of the solution.

What you are really looking for is a solution with a unique formulation that fulfils all the requisite technical criteria and safe green credentials as a totally credible and effective sealant product. The long wait for such a revolutionary invention has finally come to fruition with the development of a relatively new adhesive/sealant from CT1, the home of The Snag List Eliminator and a family of very successful adhesives and sealants specifically designed for the Construction Industry. The Company’s excellent reputation precedes it and the invention of this eponymous adhesive/sealant CT1, has received wide acclaim from an ever growing customer base as the go-to product for all sealant applications.

CT1 has a unique formulation which sets it apart from the generic adhesive/sealants available to the consumer public. Much thought and research have gone into the development of this amazing sealant solution and the end result is testament to the success of that endeavour. As a solvent free solution it is safe to use with all materials, with the exception of polypropylene. It applies phenomenal tensile strength whilst retaining a flexibility that allows movement without compromising either the bonding or sealing quality of the product. Since its inception CT1 has cornered a large segment of the sealant market in the UK, Ireland and Europe and has gained the enviable reputation as the go-to sealant product in the Construction Industry and DIY sector across those geographic areas.

Its many attributes include a unique adhesion on virtually any material, dispensing with the need for additional fixings. This hybrid polymer, unlike many adhesives, will successfully bond with lead, which makes it ideal for working with lead flashing installation. Its chemical and physical structure means it can be deployed effectively under water and in wet conditions and on wet surfaces. Due to its UV resistance it will not crack or shrink whatever the prevailing weather conditions or temperature extremes. CT1 is 100% eco-compliant with an ECI and ECIA+ Certificate and conforms to basic ISEGA standards which makes it food safe and therefore suitable for use in the food and medical industry.

Its hybrid formulation ensures it is non aggressive on synthetic materials maintaining its adhesive, sealant characteristics over a long life span. Being a non epoxy solution it is 100% odourless and does not emit nauseous fumes or vapours – which is a good news feature for all third parties.

Travis Perkins is the main stockist of CT1 in the UK and are pleased to supply this amazing adhesive/sealant product to an ever expanding customer base.

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