The best way to seal a leaking soldered copper joint in your heating system.

When a leaking soldered copper joint is detected in your heating system the first question you ask yourself is how to stop the leak. If it were a compression joint you could probably tighten the nut to seal the leak but it may not be as simple as that with a soldered joint. Traditionally a plumber would apply soldering flux around the whole joint which they would heat with a torch until the old solder melts. New solder would then be added until a shiny ring appears around the joint which is left to cool before turning on the water. At that point it is a case of fingers crossed in the hope that the leak is sealed. The process of looking for a plumber is time consuming and the labour cost can be substantial so are there any alternatives? There are a number of sealants on the market for curing leaks but they do not comply fully with the criteria for a safe and effective seal. You really need to search for a product that first and foremost has the capability of sealing the leak permanently so you will not have to return to the problem again and you have to ensure that the solution is absolutely non-adhesive so it will not clog the central heating system. It also needs to be a safe solution that has protective qualities and is non corrosive so that any seals in the pump are not compromised. It should also contain a lubricant component that will protect any working mechanical parts in the heating system, especially the circulating pump. The product must also be compatible with both plastic and copper pipes and any anti rust treatment present in the system. Over the recent past an amazing sealant product has been developed by C Tec that provides the perfect sealant for leaking copper solder and compression joints in a central heating system.

A miracle sealant for leaking soldered copper joints is now accessible.

As heating systems grow older there is an increasing possibility of leaks developing in the network due to either chemical corrosion or mechanical failure. You might consider it fortunate if the leak is visible and accessible so it can be sealed quickly, but if it is concealed in stud walling,  ceiling area or underfloor then that raises further concerns. To make repairs traditionally in any of those areas will necessitate getting to the leak which would involve cutting away any material in the way to reach the leaking joint or pipe. Not only is it a messy job but also an expensive one where you have to employ a plumber with the extra time and cost incurred to access, fix and make good the repairs. Thankfully those concerns have been allayed with the arrival of C Tec’s Miracle Seal on the market. It is a viscous liquid sealant that is poured into the heating system to provide an instant and permanent cure to the leaking soldered copper joint. This amazing solution dispenses with any other traditional fix and can be poured directly into the heating system to not only cure the immediate leak but to protect the system in general against any other possible weakness in pipes or joints. The brain child of C Tec this revolutionary ticks all the boxes for an effective and safe solution to leaks in the central heating system. It is scientifically created to cure all water leaks in both open and closed systems without blocking the flow of water in the concourse. It is non corrosive and has lubricant components designed to protect the mechanical parts in the system. As a versatile solution it works on both plastic and copper pipes and is compatible with any inhibitor already in the system. All you have to do to apply this solution is shake the container well and then pour the contents into the heating system. Miracle Seal is unquestionably the miracle cure for water leaks.

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