The best way to seal a leak in a JCB 3CX cooling system.

The JCB 3CX backhoe loader has a conventional water cooled coolant system that is very reliable and can support thousands of machine hours of work with no problems. However as it gets older,normal wear and tear plus temperature fluctuations can lead to worn hoses, failing thermostats and leaking seals. In the eventuality of a leaking hose it is advisable to have a repair solution that not only provides an effective on the spot solution but also provides a long lasting cure. It is invaluable to have a sealant that will work efficiently, especially if the JCB is working on a site in a remote or out of the way location. The probability of having a spare hose in the JCB to counteract such an event is extremely slight but a bottle of the ideal sealing solution should always be available for immediate repairs and to avoid any machine downtime. The challenge is to find that effectively ideal sealant that is non corrosive and seals the leak permanently without blocking the cooling system. There are a number of proprietary sealants on the market claiming to be the best but on close scrutiny their shortcomings and weaknesses are exposed – which begs the question – does a safe effective sealant exist that will efficiently cure the water leak instantly? Thankfully a revolutionary new sealant is available. It complies with a comprehensive product criteria that puts it in the best of product category for sealing a water leak.

A new sealant product proves to be a real success.

CT1, the home of a very illustrious range of sealants and adhesives that are heavily endorsed by a range of industries including the construction industry, have invented, developed and manufacture a revolutionary sealant that seals leaks instantly and permanently. Miracle Seal is the apt name for a product that does what it claims. It seals leaks in domestic, commercial, industrial and automotive heating systems without blocking the network of hoses, pipes, seals, valves and circulating pumps. Unlike polymer based alternatives, Miracle Seal is non adhesive is compatible with antifreeze and works on both plastic and metal pipes and fittings. It is the ideal solution for sealing a leak in a JCB 3cx cooling system, especially if the leak is not clearly visible. All you have to do is pour the bottle of sealant into the heating/cooling system and let it do its work. The water leak will be sealed immediately with a further benefit – Miracle Seal will coat the whole system with a sealant layer that will preempt all other potential leaks in the system as a whole. Imagine if the leak is in the water pump or any other concealed part of the network  – it may require dismantling much of the system to access it before repair is carried out or a broken part is replaced. That could be an expensive repair bill, including financial  losses, while the machine is out of action and not making money.  With an application of Miracle Seal to the JCB’s cooling system and the water leak sealed, the backhoe loader can continue to work, unaffected with no machine downtime.


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