The best way to restick a detached car badge on a car.

The best way to restick a detached car badge on a car is to deploy a super glue that is effective and efficient across a range of essential criteria. Firstly, it must be compatible with the two materials – metal alloy badge and metal car bonnet – so an effective bond is achieved. Secondly it must glue with maximum strength, since a car badge is exposed to changing and often extreme external conditions such as the weather and fluctuating temperature. It should also be water tight so its integrity as an effective and long lasting adhesive is not compromised by rain, snow, frost, ice, moisture or dampness. Another important element of any super glue in this particular application is its resistance to vibration, since the bond will be under constant stress from varying car speed, movement and road surface conditions. In fact the ultimate in super glues is required to ensure the car badge does not become dislodged again. That is not an easy challenge considering both the criteria tick list that the most suitable product has to satisfy and the choice of possible solutions traditionally available. Many super glues claim incredible powers and qualities that unfortunately do not always meet expectations, which presents a real challenge in these circumstances. Thankfully a new revolutionary adhesive/sealant that measures up to product expectations has been developed by a Company named CT1. It is an amazing super glue that effectively meets the full criteria for successfully sticking an alloy car badge to a metal car bonnet.

A super glue with a vice like grip and sealing capability is top solution.

Superfast Plus is the result of intensive research and product development by CT1 leading to the discovery and roll out of a revolutionary new superglue that supersedes all other bonding/sealing solutions as the preferred go to adhesive product across diverse industries and applications. This amazing super glue has been formulated with the Construction Industry in mind, so it has a really good pedigree in terms of strength and long haul performance. Its attributes make it a very versatile bonding/sealing solution that is resistant to atmospheric conditions, temperature fluctuation and vibration. As a solvent free adhesive consisting mainly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer, Superfast Plus is the ideal non toxic adhesive/sealing solution for securely fixing a car badge on the bonnet of a vehicle. It will stick with excellent grab intensity and will provide a permanent solution without compromising either product integrity or bonnet paintwork. It will not shrink or crack while performing its adhesive task and will provide a sustained solution to the bonding requirement. The sealant side of the product ensures that there is no water penetration into the bond joint that could weaken its integrity. It forms a protective element which allows Superfast Glue to perform to its optimum capacity as a permanent adhesive solution. The vice-like grip and performance longevity of Superfast Plus affirms its popularity as the most successful super glue on the market.

Travis Perkins is proud to be the main distributor for CT1 in the UK.

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