The best way to replace a broken piece of wood decking.

The best way to replace a broken piece of decking is to find a tried and tested superglue solution that will provide a very strong grab and high tensile strength joint. The ideal glue should perform under extreme weather conditions and temperature fluctuations to ensure an efficient permanent fix that is both effective and aesthetically pleasing. In spite of the numerous glues on the market claiming to be the best they are all deficient in their capability to tolerate exterior pressures and conditions over a long period of time. This raises the real challenge of finding a product that will actually do what it says on the proverbial tin. It needs to fulfil a list of essential product criteria to qualify as a strong bonding agent with a long life span. Firstly ensure that it is strong enough to bond wood to wood, in this particular instance and that it will continue to be effective under extremes of temperature and weather conditions. It also needs to be resistant to vibration, since wood decking is in an area that receives constant footfall and endures material movement. Finding that elusive solution could be the holy grail of effective and long lasting material bonding. Incredibly a Company by the name of CT1 has researched and developed a revolutionary superglue that ticks all the criteria for must have set of product attributes that actually work.

Effective bonding of materials transformed with new superglue.

Superfast Plus is the amazing new superglue developed by the very successful adhesive and sealant enterprise CT1. Its specially researched formulation provides a perfect solvent free superglue consisting mainly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer. In its relatively short existence to date it has become the de facto go to glue for practically all applications across multiple industries and in DIY and domestic sectors. Distributed throughout the Uk, Ireland, Scandinavia and a growing number of countries in Europe by a distribution network chain, it has received great commendation from multiple users, in particular the Construction Industry. Professionals across all construction trades sing its praises and declare it their number one choice for all construction adhesive requirements. As a one component adhesive Superfast Plus bonds on a molecular level providing a bonded joint that is stronger than the material itself. Its potency as a

versatile product makes it effective in bonding practically any material with the exception of polypropylene, polyethylene and fluorine containing plastic materials. To name a few of the materials it can bond efficiently: it works very well on metal, wood, glass, ceramics, aluminium, chrome, copper, polystyrene, stainless steel, bronze, rubber, celluloid, nylon, neoprene. For bonding wood to wood it is advised to prepare the wood surface with another CT1 product, Superfast Activator, which acts on porous materials to give them better grip. Superfast Plus is easily dispensed from a bottle via a precision nozzle with a little product ensuring an effective material bond. It is also available in aerosol form if that is your preference. Its adhesive grab is instant and it cures within seconds to provide a bond that is actually as strong and in many materials, is stronger than the material itself. This superglue is the real solution for replacing a piece of broken wood decking efficiently.

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