The best way to remove paint from wooden decking

Exterior Wooden Decking is vulnerable to the ravages of extreme weather conditions and as you would expect requires regular painting to preserve its integrity, increase its longevity and restore its attractive fresh look. The painting procedure normally does not present an insurmountable challenge but removing the old paint can, especially in the absence of a fool proof paint removal solution. The best way to remove paint from wooden decking is to use an effective product. To achieve the best outcome, the paint removal product should be safe for the operative or painter and all third parties. The safety element is a big issue for all consumers and unfortunately traditional methods of paint removal do not stack up to the safety standards now expected of these products. Heat treatment produces vapours, fumes and smoke that can sting eyes and irritate the respiratory system. Mechanical methods of removing paint such as manual and electrical sanding also produce unpleasant side effects with dust emissions whilst Solvents can create toxic vapours that cause eye and respiratory tract discomfort and even more serious damage if contact is prolonged. From a practical perspective the paint removal solution should start the corrosion process on application and allow removal of the resulting residue from the decking within ten minutes, leaving a clinically clean surface for a new coat of paint. Since the traditional methods are not satisfactory we have to look towards some new innovative solution that will tick all the positive boxes as an efficient safe and fast acting agent for paint removal.

An effective, safe and fast acting solution for removing paint.

Removing worn paint from decking can present quite a challenge especially if you are dealing with multiple layers of paint that were not removed previously. Unfortunately the trend with most DIY enthusiasts is to simply paint over the existing coat of paint, saving time and effort. This approach can create a situation where the decking displays lumpy uneven paintwork and even develops bubbles containing water that can have a corrosive effect on the wood. To do a proper job it is essential to remove the previous layer or layers of paint from the decking to leave a clean surface that will receive a new smooth coat of paint without blemish or streaking. This procedure can be undertaken with a greater confidence than before thanks to a new paint removal product from CTec that is safe, efficient, and easily applied. It quickly eats into the paint leaving a residue that can be peeled away within ten minutes of application. Peel Tec is an amazing formulation that is not only Methyl Chloride free but has universal application on practically all materials leaving a clinically clean surface that is damage and scratch free. It provides a well prepared base for a fresh new coat of paint that will restore the decking to its original integrity and cosmetic appeal. Peel Tec comes in a handy aerosol container. It delivers the right amount of spray product to the target surface area via a unique nozzle. The resulting residue can be peeled effortlessly away to reveal a perfectly prepared surface for the repaint. This revolutionary product is the best way to remove paint from wooden decking.

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