The best way to remove paint from window frames

Painted windows, like any other painted part of a building eventually succumb to the ravages of time and the elements, especially if they are exposed to extreme external weather conditions. The problem is finding the best way to remove the paint so a new coat can be applied. You are looking for a solution that is safe, innovative and cost effective and does not cause any scratching or incidental damage to the target material surface on application. Historically there are several options for removing worn paint, all of which are labour intensive and time consuming, creating an uneconomical and even hazardous renewal process. The paint removal exercise is not relished by tradesmen for these obvious reasons and in particular due to the fact that they all present practical application problems and potential safety issues. The latest range of Paint Strippers present the inherent problems that accompany harsh solvents. The fumes can be toxic and the effectiveness is questionable, often requiring many applications accompanied by laborious effort to scrape off multiple applications of paint stripper and clean up the resulting residue.

An effective, safe, fast way to remove paint from window frames.

The appearance of an innovative effective paint remover is a welcome development for painters and domestic consumers alike. The amazing product’s mantra “Don’t burn it. Peel it” immediately instils a confidence in the product that is stealing a march on the competition from every solution perspective. The days of using a blowtorch to scorch paint off windows are consigned to the past with the introduction of a paint remover that has been thoroughly researched and developed to produce a result that provides a clinically clean surface for a new coat of paint. The revolutionary product is safe, technically effective and dispenses with those tedious and unsafe methods of the past. CT1 are proud to announce Peel Tec, as another great success in a long list of Snag Eliminators developed and manufactured specifically for the Construction Industry.

You may well ask “What makes it so special?” The answer is simply “everything about it!” It has been developed to be nontoxic and Methyl Chloride free. Together with the fact that it is odourless and does not emit any vapours or worrying chemical elements, Peel Tec is the much awaited perfect paint remover. As an extremely efficient product it removes multi layers of paint from multiple surfaces. Its incredible reactionary speed on any given surface enables the fast removal of old worn paints without fuss or belly aching and with no surface scratches or damage. You simply spray it onto the subject surface using an aerosol container with a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product. In less than ten minutes you will see that paint detach ready to be scraped off with a paint scraper – a process that is fast and effortless. Thanks to its unique formulation, base materials are perfectly prepared for the application of a new coat of paint. This worry free product which is effective on practically all materials, is CT1’s contribution to the paint trade, delivering positively on all aspects of an inherently innovative, safe and technically efficient paint remover.

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