The best way to remove paint from skirting board

Skirting board is not the easiest material to access when it comes to doing a re-paint job. You have to be vigilant not to stain the flooring or the wall in the process so surrounding areas have to be carefully masked off. However the most difficult aspect is not the painting process itself but rather the preparatory task of removing the old worn paint in readiness for the application of the new coat. A task that requires getting down and dirty on all fours is not the most appealing of jobs, particularly when the method being deployed is slow and perhaps repetitive with the clean up proving tiresome and labour intensive. That is the reality for painters who traditionally had three choices or methods of removing paint, all of which were neither totally effective nor entirely safe. The greatest disincentive for using any of the three was the laborious nature of the work and the related time factor for job completion. The length of time required made the task particularly uneconomical, an element that became more pronounced when several applications of the method was necessary to remove multiple layers of stubborn paint. More optimistically, a good set of knee pads certainly helps make the job more tolerable but does not assist unfortunately in removing the paint. That exercise is only achieved with intensive slow work . At least that has been the experience of painters for many years until finally C Tec developed a super paint remover that is taking the Construction Industry by storm.

Safe handy aerosol is the best way to remove paint quickly and efficiently

This revolutionary product dispenses with the tedious effort required previous to its invention and enables the operation to be carried out in a fraction of the time. Painters can say goodbye to those unsafe and laborious options of removing paint that scarred their memories. The launch of this magical formula which is Methyl Chloride free is in itself a landmark in paint removal processes. No more need for the painstaking work of burning the paint with a Blowtorch and the ensuing mess of cleaning away the detritus, nor the deployment of an unsafe harsh solvent. Operatives no longer have to tolerate clouds of dust from a manual or power sander and the tiresome task of a repetitive process in the event of being confronted with several stubborn layers of paint. C Tec’s new product is summed up succinctly by their mantra – Don’t burn it. Peel It! This unique solution for paint removal is available in a convenient aerosol that dispenses the formulated spray in a controlled manner delivering the required amount of spray onto the target surface – in this instance the skirting board. This is possible thanks to a unique nozzle which enables that controlled delivery of the paint remover to the exact spot. This factor is particularly poignant when dealing with a material such as skirting board located in a restricted access area. Once applied, the agent takes little time to get to work on the unwanted paint surface leaving it ready for scraping off within ten minutes. The removal process is completely painless and takes little time to complete in comparison to older paint removal methods. Not only is it very effective and fast but it is also very safe. Its formulation ensures that it is Methyl Chloride free – a chemical substance that can be a real health hazard. Peel Tec does not emit any dangerous vapours or noxious fumes to cause any health issues. This versatile product from C Tec, the Building Products Specialist prepares the surface of most materials in a clinical fashion, thoroughly ready and receptive for a new coat of paint and a rejuvenating appearance that will satisfy the most critical eye.

Peel Tec’s effective, fast and safe formulation provides the perfect painter’s mate as the number one paint remover and is acclaimed as the industry choice by product distributors and trade painters across the Uk, Ireland and Europe.

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