The best way to remove paint from an ornamental wooden wheelbarrow.

When it comes to finding the best way to remove paint from an ornamental wooden wheelbarrow there is a set of criteria that should be adhered to in order to achieve the most effective results. By its very nature an ornamental wooden wheelbarrow will probably receive a fair bit of wear and tear from exposure to the effects of inclement weather. Like any exterior wooden furniture it requires regular maintenance to preserve its integrity and to restore its original decorative appearance. Since it is planted with flowers there is the increased risk of wood rot both from without and within so the painting process might be required more often than not to prolong its life expectancy and provide a consistently clean container for colourful flowers. Removing paint from the wheelbarrow is the most complex part of the cosmetic renewal process in so far as a clinically clean base is a requisite for a smooth coat of paint. The actual painting process is straight forward once you have an uncompromised material base  – in this instance the wooden wheelbarrow proper. Tried and tested means of paint removal have not proved totally satisfactory traditionally and the main challenge is to find a product that will do the job effectively. Heat treatment has proved laborious and produces unpleasant fumes and smoke. Solvents are harsh, can damage the substrate and emit harmful vapours. Mechanical means including power and manual sanding are slow and laborious methods and produce dust that irritates the respiratory system and the eyes.

A revolutionary safe and efficient paint removal product is at hand

Where there’s a will there’s a way! This old adage rings very true in this particular instance where C Tec meets a consumer demand with a revolutionary solution. They have put considerable resources into researching and developing a versatile paint removal product that is both safe and very efficient and works on practically any material surface. Peel Tec, the brainchild and invention of the C Tec team is proving a worthy contender in the best paint removal stakes. According to industry and consumer reviews it is an amazing paint removal solution, a complete package for getting the job done effectively and safely. It fulfils all the criteria that benchmarks the ideal solution for paint removal and is just the solution for peeling away paint from a wooden ornamental garden wheelbarrow. As an efficient product it not only works fast on application to wick away the paint and leave an easily removable residue, but it also presents no safety hazards as its formulation is Methyl Chloride free. That is definitely music to the ears of trade painters who have long awaited a product that would not only conform to safety regulations but would also perform technically to the highest standard. Packaged in a handy aerosol container Peel Tec has a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the right spot on the surface. It starts working immediately on application and can be peeled away as a resulting residue within ten minutes of being applied. This magical solution leaves a perfectly clean, well prepared surface for a new coat of paint to restore the wheelbarrow’s original integrity and beauty.

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