The best way to remove paint from an iron garden stove.

Removing paint from an iron surface requires a special formulation that is versatile and safe. It needs to be powerful enough to dissolve the paint on an iron garden stove into an easily removable residue without damaging or accidentally scratching the substrate so the new coat of paint takes smoothly to the clean surface with no streaking or flaws. Considering that the paint might be burned or cracked due to the effects of fire and heat in the stove, the paint removal solution will have to be really efficient to effectively remove hardened layers of crispy paint. Product safety is also a major issue in the paint removal process ensuring painter and third parties remain safe during the whole process. To return the iron garden stove to its original integrity will require a careful operation of thorough preparation and painting. Methods of paint removal used traditionally will not cut the mustard in this instance. Solvents could contain abrasive chemicals that could damage the iron surface as well as giving off noxious vapours. Sanding methods, both manual and electrical are labour intensive and produce unpleasant and potentially damaging dust that irritates eyes and the respiratory system. Heat treatment is notoriously slow and can produce fumes and smoke that are unpleasant at best and a health hazard at worst. A more efficient and safe method is required.

Have confidence in a new inventive paint remover that works safely.

There is every reason to have confidence in a new inventive paint removal product that has been developed specifically for the Construction Industry by C Tec. Peel Tec is the revolutionary paint remover that joins the C Tec Snag List Eliminator Family of illustrious sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry. It has the credentials according to trade painters to remove paint from practically any material, leaving a clinically clean surface for the effective application of a new coat of paint. It is non abrasive and non caustic as well as Methyl Chloride free. This is an amazing development in product safety and resonates with all operatives and third parties as a fail safe appealing feature. As the  developers claim, “ it says goodbye to the tedious methods of the past”. Thanks to its product design it comes in a handy aerosol container with a unique nozzle that delivers the right amount of spray gel to the desired surface location with no overkill or overspill. It eats into the paint on application leaving a residue that can be peeled off within ten minutes.This amazing paint removal solution is receiving great reviews from suppliers right across the UK, Ireland and Europe.

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