The best way to remove paint from a garden pergola.

Pergolas take different forms and shapes, a variation on the standard theme and whilst many people leave them in their natural wood finish others prefer to paint them in a colour of their choice to add a bit more panache and warmth to a patio and garden setting. If you have vines or other climbers growing along the pergola it will be difficult to paint it but if you are starting off with a fresh canvas then it is not an insurmountable task. The greatest issue with repainting a pergola is removing the old paint which needs to come off so you have a clean surface for the application of a new unblemished coat of paint. A number of paint removal methods that are traditionally used are unfortunately neither safe nor completely efficient. For example, Heat treatment, including blowtorch use can be harmful with the side effects of scorched material and smoke emissions as well as the labour process being painfully slow. Solvent use to remove paint also presents difficulties with potential damage to the base material and the danger of exposure to noxious fumes or vapours. The other paint removal method of manual and electric sanding is time consuming and dust producing which is unpleasant and unsafe. The acquisition of a fail safe product to fulfil the task objective is now possible with the invention of a new revolutionary solution from C Tec.

A fail safe paint removal product is now on the market.

Thanks to C Tec’s amazing invention the task of removing paint is now reduced to the mundane. Peel Tec is an astonishing formulation that allows the fast and effective removal of paint with no dangerous side effects. Designed specifically for the Construction Industry it dissolves paint, on application, into a peel away residue that is easily removed with a scraper. The result is a clinically clean surface that is perfectly prepared for a new coat of paint. The surface will receive it smoothly  without flaw or blemish, providing a professional methodology to restore its original smooth finish. This product joins the Snag List Eliminator family of successful sealant and adhesive products to the Construction Industry and is taking the Painting and Decorating sector by storm. The fact that the formulation is Methyl Chloride free resonates with Trades people as a vital signal that product that is very safe. Its technical prowess is testified in the many customer reviews that extoll its exceptional qualities as an effective paint remover. It is packaged in a handy aerosol dispenser that is fast becoming the Painter’s handy mate de rigueur, always at hand to remove that unwanted layer of paint.

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