The best way to put deep cavity closers onto blockwork.

The best way to put deep cavity closers onto blockwork is to stick them in place permanently using a tried and tested hybrid polymer that is solvent free, safe and works efficiently on a block surface with no compromise on bonding strength or sealing quality. There are different forms and brands of cavity closers but all perform the same function. They are basically stiff and rigid UPVC profiles fitted with insulation material that are deployed to close openings in cavity walls such as external walls and windows. They can also be deployed to pre-form openings in doors and windows where the window and door are to be fitted at a later time. There are standard cavity and multi width closers for closing the top of the cavity wall and up the verges of gable ends. The question is how best to fix them in place so they stick tight to the blocks on either side of the cavity, effectively performing a permanent cavity funnel fire block and thermal heat retainer to the internal leaf whilst simultaneously acting as a cold bridge block to the outer leaf. A revolutionary new sealant adhesive possesses the requisite properties to provide a safe, efficient and long lasting bonding solution that overcomes the safety and efficiency flaws  of other adhesives.

The perfect bonding and sealing agent for cavity closers is available.

CT1, the widely endorsed industrial strength sealant/adhesive, has taken the industrial world by storm. By providing an effective versatile bonding solution for practically all bonding applications it has quickly grown in popularity to become de facto ‘go to’ choice of adhesive for trades people in the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. This amazing adhesive, which was developed by the Company of the same name, has been aptly labelled the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ as the multi application adhesive to the Construction Industry. Its compatibility with practically all materials makes it the most versatile bonding agent on the market. Its technical credentials such as its ability to be applied in under water conditions and its resistance to vibration, cracking and disintegration, make it the most effective product of its kind. Its unique formulation endows it with instant grab ability and phenomenal curing strength whilst allowing it to retain a certain flexibility without compromising its bonding integrity. Its hybrid polymer solvent free chemistry ensures it is non aggressive on synthetic materials, preserving the quality on a long-term basis. Environmentally, it complies with standard regulation and possesses a food safe certification from ISEGA. CT1 is ideal for sticking cavity closers to concrete blocks with complete compatibility and optimal strength to provide an easily applied adhesive/sealant solution that is permanent.

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