The best way to mount a slate house number sign.

A slate house number sign endows a home with an authenticity, whether nestled among ivy foliage or mounted on a post, brickwork or a wooden gate. It adds a touch of class and distinction to the property and suggests an organised, careful and tasteful home owner. As a very natural durable and attractive product your slate house number plaque will provide an attractive, functional and characterful feature to the entrance of your home. A laser engraved number sign will provide a crisp distinctive text finish that is easy to clean and maintain. The only challenge for you is how to mount it effectively on your wooden gate, in other words – find a bonding sealing product that offers a comprehensively proficient and long lasting solution and dispenses with the need for additional fixings.

The adhesive/sealant product needs to be safe, efficient and capable of retaining its bonding capacity in any conditions. The one missing ingredient that makes it difficult to source an acceptable solution is the safe standard. Unfortunately lack of full compliance in that area renders many potential solutions unviable and creates frustration in the Construction Industry and DIY sector. Trades people have been crying out for a comprehensively formulated product that literally ticks all the requisite must have criteria boxes. What they have been looking for is a safe adhesive/ sealant with high tensile strength that is applicable in any conditions and bonds any materials together efficiently providing a long lasting solution that dispenses with the need for additional fixings. The sealant element should provide resistance to corrosion, shrinkage and expansion in extreme conditions whilst retaining the product’s bonding integrity.

A new revolutionary adhesive/sealant that complies fully with safe standards and has high grab capacity and longevity, has been recently developed by a Company of the same name – CT1.

An amazing bonding solution has arrived.

The Construction Industry and DIY sector now have a safe, strong, versatile and long lasting adhesive/sealant at their disposal, with the development of an all embracing product that ticks all the criteria proficiency boxes – providing an amazingly effective and safe solution. The eponymous CT1, now also recognisable under its pseudonym ‘The Snag List Eliminator’, actually does what it says on the tin, in a safe and efficient manner. Its unique formulation endows it with a range of product attributes that make it the most popular and efficient sealant/adhesives available to both the Construction Industry and the wider consumer public. Designed specifically for the Construction Industry its features offer a high tensile strength and long lasting flexible bond that resists corrosion, shrinkage and expansion. Its chemical formulation allows it to be applied effectively in wet conditions and in under water situations where it spreads quite readily to form a strong durable bond and also seal cracks as a repair solution where necessary – for example glass aquariums or tiled swimming pools.

This versatile product bonds with practically all materials, the only exception being polypropylene, providing instant grab and full curing within 24 hours. Its sealant characteristics provide a resistance to corrosion, fungal growth and chemicals and the product has received eco-compliance certificates along  with a food safe certification from ISEGA. This makes it suitable for multiple applications including the medical, food and marine industries. As a solvent free solution CT1 does not emit toxic fumes or vapours and is an odourless product which makes it a friendly safe product for third parties.

From a more specific perspective it is the ideal solution for mounting a slate house number sign on a wooden entrance gate. It will provide a rapid adherence of the plaque to the gate, keeping it firmly in position until full curing takes place over a 24 hour period. Its formulation promises a long lasting solution with a minimum of maintenance required – just keeping the plaque clean. Its sealant attributes will ensure it is protected from external damage due to extreme weather conditions whilst protecting its bonding integrity.

Travis Perkins is the main UK stockist of this very popular adhesive/sealant product, continually increasing in demand from the Construction Industry and growing  DIY consumer base in the UK.

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