The best way to glue wood to wood

There are a number of proprietary adhesives that claim the ability to glue wood to wood but none are either safe or fully effective. Glues in general tend not to like wet conditions and their performance falls below expectations if applied to wet surfaces. That has been the reality and difficulty of trying to bond wood with wood using traditional glues. The frustration of tradespeople trying to find alternate bonding products has been evident as they await the arrival of some new revolutionary adhesive to do the job effectively. The Construction Industry has been patiently awaiting the development of an adhesive that overcomes the shortcomings of all solutions to date. Its efforts in encouraging the development of a revolutionary adhesive that would suit construction applications has seen the invention of an adhesive/sealant by CT1 that effectively works as an efficient replacement for all other adhesives including silicone sealants, acrylic sealants as well as wood and PU adhesives.

A new invention in adhesive /sealant product replaces all other solutions.

The revolutionary and eponymous new adhesive/sealant CT1 has been designed specifically with the Construction Industry in mind, with a unique formulation that is solvent free. It underwent extensive research and development before being launched on the market – a truly revolutionary adhesive/sealant that possesses amazing qualities such as instant grip, high tensile strength and resistance to vibration, moisture and UV. It is particularly revolutionary in its capacity to spread, adhere and seal in underwater conditions which makes it very suitable for marine and boating maintenance. Its versatility as an adhesive that is compatible with practically any material makes it ideal for construction applications including the adhesion of wood to wood. CT1 is a unique hybrid polymer with the ability to adhere materials together without the need for additional mechanical fittings. It does not shrink or expand yet retains sufficient flexibility to allow some movement in the materials being bonded with no compromise in bonding strength and efficiency. Its resistance to chemicals such as oils, solvents and alkalines makes it a potent force in providing a long life repair on installation. It provides a rapid bond on application which has been greatly simplified with the introduction of a no gun required solution. An automatic dispenser works at the touch of a finger, doing away with the need for a caulking gun. CT1 is a safe odourless product with no toxic emissions and has received eco-friendly certification with ECi and ECIA+ compliance recognition. It has also been awarded a food safe certificate from ISEGA which makes it a very popular product with the food and medical industry.

Travis Perkins are the main stockist of CT1 in the UK. We are very happy to endorse an amazing adhesive/sealant that is constantly growing in demand among trades people and DIY enthusiasts.

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