The best way to fix Tudor trim boards to external house walls.

The best way to fix Tudor trim boards to external house walls is to use a super strong adhesive that bonds and seals simultaneously to provide an effective, waterproof long lasting adhesive solution. In modern mock Tudor homes well seasoned oak beams are nailed or screwed both vertically and horizontally to the exterior walls in imitation of the original Tudor house trim boards. It is a time consuming process that has to be done from scaffolding or a mechanical lift since Tudor style homes are traditionally two storey high. A lot of drilling is required if screws are preferred to concrete nails and planks are fixed vertically and horizontally to the wall in a symmetrical pattern. The trim boards create a very distinctive Tudor architectural style that is reminiscent of 16th century English homes and which was resurrected in the USA in the nineteenth century as a popular architectural style. When it comes to fixing those trim boards there must be a more facilitating method of attachment. Fortunately, there is now a bonding solution that is really effective in providing an excellent combination of strong adhesion and waterproof sealing with a long lasting effect. This super strength adhesive/sealant is a much easier and faster way of fixing the trim boards to the walls than the traditional mechanical fixings

A super strength adhesive is new fixing solution.

The best adhesive/sealant solution for fixing Tudor trim boards to a house exterior is a revolutionary bonding agent named CT1. This incredibly strong solvent free adhesive possesses a unique formulation that bonds practically any materials together with permanent effect. This hybrid polymer is ideal for sticking oak or pine planks to walls and provides a watertight seal that helps preserve the wood from premature rotting. Developed by the Company of the same name, CT1 has quickly risen to prominence in the Construction Industry and others, to be extolled as the adhesive of choice for virtually all bonding applications. Industrial operatives and trades people treat it as the ‘go to’ bonding solution and it has become their stock and trade adhesive/sealant. Its components combine all the essential product properties to make it the most versatile multi application adhesive product on the market. A special feature is its ability to be spread under water with no loss of adhesive strength. It has a resistance to chemicals and fungal growth, which is very poignant in its application to Tudor trim boards. It is also synthetic material friendly and is easily administered with an automatic applicator that is triggered at the touch of a finger. CT1 is perfect for fixing and gluing Tudor trim boards in place.

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