The best way to fix soap dishes in a shower unit with a glass tile wall.

The best way to fix soap dishes in a shower unit with a glass tile wall is to use a safe and reliably strong adhesive/sealant to stick the soap dishes against the glass tiles with lasting effect. There are a variety of proprietary adhesives claiming the ability to do this job but unfortunately they are not safe and only act as a temporary solution – some almost falling off immediately. Firstly you need to find an adhesive product that will stick to glass and will tolerate wet humid conditions. The latter product attribute is essential in a shower room environment where hot water and steam combine to form an erosive substance that attacks silicones and other adhesives. Shower gels, shampoos and soap can also be corrosive influences in eroding the integrity of the adhesive over time, causing cracking shrinkage and eventual disintegration. So an effective adhesive solution is required to stick soap dishes efficiently to a glass tile shower wall – one with a revolutionary formulation that ticks all the boxes as a safe, strong, long lasting, water resistant adhesive product.

An innovative strong adhesive has been developed.

Given the comprehensive list of essential product criteria required to do the perfect bonding job it is challenging to find a single bonding agent that actually possesses all the necessary properties to complete the task properly and earn a reputation as the best of its kind on the market. CT1, the eponymous and amazing adhesive/sealant from a Company of the same name, is a revolutionary bonding agent that has a unique formulation. The result of a long period of research and development this multi function adhesive/sealant has come on the market over two years ago. Since its inception it has established itself as the ‘go to’ adhesive of choice for industrial and construction operatives who have adopted this product for practically all bonding applications. This solvent free hybrid polymer possesses incredible strength and enjoys an instant grab which in the case of the soap dish would hold it securely and firmly in position against the glass tile wall, resistant to water ingression, hot steam and pressure through constant handling. To stick the soap dish to the glass tiles you simply apply a bead of CTe along the contact edge and press it firmly against the tile. It will stick quite firmly at once drying to a very strong cure with no compromise in product integrity. This adhesive solution is 100% odourless, is fungus resistant and does not shrink or crack whatever the prevailing conditions. CT1 is the proper adhesive/sealant for the task.

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