The best way to fix exterior concrete window sills in place.

Exterior window sills are traditionally secured or fixed in place with mortar – a mixture of cement, sand, water and plasticiser. The materials are expensive and the labour intensive fixing of the sills in place is also a costly procedure. The objective is to ensure the sills stay firmly in position to support the window frame placed on top. The sills are made to fit snugly to prevent draughts and to provide a pleasant visual embellishment. There are a variety of sills of different materials and textures to provide both an aesthetic and functional role as a foundation for the window to rest on. They are all fixed to a block or brick wall in a similar manner using mortar and or mechanical fixings. Recently new methods of securing the sill in place have emerged in the form of adhesives but in most cases without much success. Until quite recently, none were safe and could not guarantee not staining the sill or window frame itself. They did not comply fully with environmental regulations and were prone to erosion and disintegration. Fortunately a new revolutionary industrial style adhesive/sealant has been developed to replace the traditional fixing method of mortar. It supersedes all other adhesive solutions by offering a formulation that provides a one stop bonding application for practically all adhesion jobs across multiple industries, combining strength with lasting bond performance.

A new adhesive to supersede all others has arrived.

An amazing new adhesive/sealant that bonds vertically with high tensile industrial strength, has been developed by CT1 – a company that is well known in the Construction Industry as a supplier of top notch adhesives and sealants with specific build applications. Power Grab n Bond based on the eponymous CT1, the Snag List Eliminator and flagship bonding product from CT1, possesses a unique formulation that provides a permanent, safe and industrial strength bonding solution for practically all bonding applications. Its efficiency has made it the number one choice of adhesive for trades people across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. It has quickly become the ‘go to’ product for all bonding applications in the DIY sector as well as the Construction Industry. Its versatility as an effective adhesive agent has given it an impressive product profile among operatives across a wide spectrum of industries and businesses. Endorsed by multiple industries as the best of its kind, Power Grab n Bond has established itself as the leading adhesive/sealant product on the market. It grabs with immediate effect curing to an incredible tensile strength that is stronger than the material itself. Designed basically for heavy duty vertical bonding applications this adhesive has amazing resistance to pressure and force and is impervious to water penetration thanks to its sealing attribute. It retains its strength and bonding effectiveness whatever the environmental or weather conditions. It is ideal for fixing concrete window sills permanently in place.

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