The best way to fix decorative garden wall balustrades in place.

There is no wall or railing that compares to balustrades and capping for providing elegance and style to any property. They form an impressive entrance to any home or add a classic sophistication in separating a patio area from a lawn providing a regal vista that is reminiscent of country manor houses and castles enriched by their extensive landscaped gardens. Balustrade walls also act as protective railings on raised terraces and exterior stairways leading from terraces to the lawns below. Traditionally they are fixed in place on a precast concrete base with a layer of mortar to keep them firmly in position. Caps are fitted to the balusters in a similar fashion. Unfortunately the mortar provides only a temporary bonding solution as its integrity is eroded and eviscerated by weather and temperature extremes. Water penetration and frost can cause mortar disintegration which demands reinstatement of the balustrades with either a new layer of mortar or an alternative bonding solution.The time consuming process requires sand, cement and skilled labour. That has been the sole method of attaching balusters to their concrete base until the quire recent development of adhesives that claimed the capability of replacing mortar as the new, faster and more efficient means of fixing the balustrades in place. In practice these adhesives succumbed to the usual threats of frost, snow and wet conditions, throwing the alternative fixing method into disarray and failure. They were not safe products and their weakness became quickly apparent. However a revolutionary new heavy duty adhesive has been developed that meets all the technical criteria as the most effective and versatile bonding agent to come on the market. It is the ideal solution for efficiently fixing concrete balustrades in position with permanent effect.

A versatile powerful bonding solution has been developed.

Power Grab n Bond is the name of the revolutionary new heavy bonding product that has been developed by CT1, the home of a very successful range of adhesives and sealants designed for the Construction Industry. Formulated on the Company’s flagship adhesive/sealant, the eponymous CT1, this amazing industrial strength adhesive was created with vertical bonding applications in mind. Its vice like grip is instant and its cured strength provides a bond that is stronger than the material itself. This is the ideal adhesive solution for replacing mortar as the means of fixing balusters firmly and permanently in place. Its uncompromising ability to glue fast belies its enigmatic quality to remain flexible long enough for the baluster to be manipulated into position on its base. It is waterproof and resistant to weather and temperature extremes and is perfect for protecting product integrity in a saltwater environment – ideal for use in both coastal and inland areas. Power Grab n Bond is also resistant to chemicals and retains its high tensile strength in any conditions. It is odourless, conforms to both environmental and food standards and does not emit any toxic vapours. It bonds and seals simultaneously to provide an adhesive solution ‘that does what it says on the tin’. Easily dispensed using a silicone gun, just a few beads of product will fix the balustrades securely in place for a long lasting effective bonding solution.

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