The best way to fix a plaster ceiling rose in place.

The traditional way of fixing a ceiling rose in place was to use self tapping screws to attach it to grounds in the ceiling around the light fitting area. This is a time consuming process which also requires concealing the countersunk screw heads with polyfilla. Time and technology have provided faster and more effective fixing solutions which dispenses with historic screws and filler. There is now an efficient adhesive solution available that fixes the rose quickly and securely to the ceiling in an invisible and effective manner. In fact there are a number of proprietary adhesives on the market that claim to do the job efficiently. That is where the challenge presents itself. Unfortunately they are neither totally effective nor safe so it begs the question – is there a safe compliant, effective and long lasting bonding solution out there? Thankfully a revolutionary adhesive/sealant has been developed that ticks all the efficiency, safety, longevity and general industry compliant criteria for an effective and permanent bonding solution. It is ideal for quickly fixing a plaster ceiling rose in place permanently with no mess or intensive labour.

A new adhesive is the ideal fixing solution.

The eponymous CT1, brainchild of a Company of the same name, has created a real stir since its relatively recent invention, development and manufacture. It has been aptly named the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company such is the high regard in which it is held by industrial businesses across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. Developed with the Construction industry in mind it enjoys a recognised prestige as the strongest, safest and most versatile adhesive of its kind on the market. It has also been endorsed and fully embraced by the DIY sector and has become the ‘go to’ adhesive/sealant for practically all domestic and household bonding applications. CT1 have made it the Company’s flagship as leading adhesive product among a family of very successful adhesive/sealants developed and manufactured by the inventive and illustrious company. Its specially unique formulation has provided a bonding product that ticks every conceivable box as an extremely strong, long lasting and safe bonding solution that is food safe, environmentally friendly and is compatible with practically all materials. The wow factor is its ability to spread and seal in underwater conditions which makes it an ideal adhesive/sealant solution for the marine industry. Its solvent free chemistry makes it resistant to temperature extremes and prevents water penetration and ensuing disintegration. CT1 is ideal for fixing a plaster ceiling rose in place and is easily dispensed from a convenient container via an applicator nozzle which delivers the right amount of adhesive to the exact spot required, fixing it permanently in place.

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