The best way to fix a broken picture frame

The best way to fix a broken picture frame is to find a superglue that is compatible with the frame material – usually wood – and can provide a strong long lasting bond that is resistant to vibration, movement and temperature fluctuations. Should the picture be subject to damp surroundings then it obviously requires a superglue solution that is impervious to water ingression and damp atmospheric conditions.Conversely, atmospheric conditions might be extremely warm and humid and that is another consideration when choosing a suitable bonding solution. Wood, being quite porous,may require an application of a preparatory compound to create a sealed surface before the application of the super glue. You need to be aware of this situation before purchasing a bonding product to glue the frame together – as in the words of the proverb – forewarned is forearmed. It is advisable to choose a product that will work with the picture frame material – whether metal, glass, plastic or wood – with equal efficiency. The superglue will also need to be colourless and non toxic and provide a sealed picture frame corner joint that remains a tight fit with no adhesive shrinkage and loss of product attribute integrity. The question on everyone’s lips is – does such a superglue exist?

A super efficient superglue is now available.

An amazing superglue from the CT1 family of very successful and popular adhesives and sealants  – designed with the Construction Industry primarily in mind – is proving a most versatile and effective adhesive solution across a wide range of industries and businesses including the Hospitality and Medical sectors. It also has a domestic application which adds to its wide appeal and application versatility as the go to agent for all bonding and adhesive applications. It is ideal for fixing broken picture frames as it provides a strong joint that is resistant to shrinkage. Product integrity is guaranteed to provide a safe strong adhesion with no toxic emissions. It also dries colourless and clear with an immediate grab factor that keeps the picture frame sturdy and secure. This fast acting adhesive agent is perfect for emergency repairs and as the current most popular go to superglue, is endorsed by trades people across multiple industries and businesses throughout Ireland, the UK and Europe. Its versatility makes it suitable for gluing practically all materials together and its sheer strength provides a long lasting bonding solution that is a permanent solution. This multi tasked product is a unique high concentrate cyanoacrylate with no dilution of solvents. It is less toxic than most other adhesives and represents a cost efficiency due to its proficiency. The solution comes in a bottle and has an easy applicator nozzle to deliver an economical amount of product to the desired area. It is advised to prepare the target surface to enable a strong product grab and bond application and CT1 advise the application of Superfast Activator to porous surfaces before applying Superfast Plus in order to seal the surface and make it more receptive to the super glue. It is essential to always have a bottle of Superfast Plus at hand to meet all your gluing requirements whether industrial, business or domestic.

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