The best way to fix a broken ceramic vase.

The best and quickest way to fix a broken ceramic vase is to glue it together with an effective super glue that will provide a long lasting bonding solution and will restore the vase form to its original integrity. Ceramic vases can have a sentimental or real value depending on their provenance and age. Those worth keeping are worth repairing so fixing a broken one can restore its original look, if it is done carefully with passion, and provide a beautiful working receptacle for flower displays. Some cherished vases are simply kept as ornaments to adorn shelves on dressers or sideboards and deserve to be preserved for posterity, so that future generations can admire them for what they are – colourfully created objets d’art. The difficulty of choosing an efficient adhesive to stick the broken parts together is really there are none that can provide a reliable and long lasting adhesion performance. The challenge is to see if there is a superglue available that will meet the strict criteria of a strong effective bonding agent that is both safe and efficient. A Company by the name of CT1 rose to the challenge in developing an amazing product that glues instantly with high tensile strength. Specifically designed with the Construction Industry in mind this powerful super glue is effective across all industries as a very strong, versatile bonding agent with multiple applications.

A revolutionary new superglue resolves all gluing requirements

Superfast Plus is a revolutionary superglue that is taking the Construction Industry by storm and is also making a huge impact across all other industries as well. Its unique formulation as a solvent free compound consisting mainly of Ethyl Cyanoacrylate Monomer, has endowed it with  components that give it a particularly strong adhesive quality that resonates with users in the UK, Ireland, Scandinavia and many countries in Europe. The versatility of the product means it bonds with practically every material to create a joint that is UV resistant – is less likely to shrink or crack –  and is less toxic than most other adhesives. The product commendation from industrial and construction professionals makes Superfast Plus one of the most respected and popular adhesives on the market. Its fast acting capability makes it the ideal product for emergency repairs and the go to adhesive in every household and business in the Uk, Ireland Scandinavia and Europe. Its high tensile sheer strength makes it the perfect partner for all bonding applications and an effective adhesive solution for gluing the disparate parts of a broken vase together. There are reports, anecdotal or otherwise of broken ceramic pots that have been stuck together with Superfast Plus, falling and breaking for a second time. The unchanging reality is that none of the original crack repairs were damaged in the second fall – in other words – the bonded joints were stronger than the actual ceramic pot itself. This amazing super glue, which is available in both bottled form and aerosol, is easy to dispense and is deliverable via a revolutionary nozzle to the exact surface spot on the target material. It is a colourless product that dries clear and transforms a broken ceramic vase into a flower receptacle that looks as good as new.

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