The best way to bond ornamental bricks to an interior wall

Traditionally mortar would have been used to bond any type of brick to an interior wall but that was a time consuming and rather messy process which has been overtaken by other more modern adhesive compounds and bonding products. The drawback with these alternative adhesives is that they are not entirely safe as many contain solvents that are harsh on synthetic material surfaces and are chemically aggressive. Moreover many proprietary adhesives fail to provide a lasting bonding solution which defeats the whole purpose of the exercise. Ornamental bricks require an adhesive that is strong with instant grab yet remains flexible to allow time for the bricks to be positioned and repositioned exactly the way you want them on the target area. It is also essential that the product is eco friendly and health safe ensuring there are no toxic emissions or nasty smells. The main attribute has to be its ability to adhere the ornamental bricks cleanly and efficiently to the wall as a permanent fixture, with no shrinkage or expansion to threaten the bond integrity. Another crucial feature of any adhesive is that it should be versatile in resisting fungal growth and have sealing qualities that prevent moisture penetration which could lead to adhesion failure. The challenge facing both DIY adherents and professional trades people is to find an adhesive/sealant that literally ticks all the criteria boxes for an effective safe and long lasting solution.

A versatile safe and long lasting adhesive/sealant is now available

CT1 has researched and developed an eponymous revolutionary adhesive/sealant to meet the requirements of the Construction Industry. The stringent criteria laid down by the industry has been fully incorporated in the development and manufacturing of this amazing product. In fact, CT1 has proven so efficient and effective throughout the Construction Industry and DIY sector that it has been labelled  “The Snag List Eliminator” by the Company. Its growing popularity among trades people in the UK , Ireland, Scandinavia and many countries in Europe, is testament to its prowess as the top selling adhesive/sealant product. Its versatility as a bonding and sealing agent with great tensile strength and longevity make it the number one choice of adhesive product for practically every bonding requirement. It has effectively become the replacement product for Wood and PU adhesives, silicone sealants, acrylic sealants and butyl rubber sealants which is music to the ears of every construction trade and DIY adherent with a bonding task to accomplish. It complies with eco and health safe standards and possesses a technically superior formulation which is solvent free and bonds practically any materials. CT1 comes in a convenient container with an automatic dispenser which enables precision delivery of the product to the target area on the ornamental bricks to be attached to the interior wall. As a corrosion and moisture resistant adhesive/sealant it mitigates against any loss of integrity in the bond strength and in its ability to work effectively long term. Its hybrid formulation makes it non aggressive on synthetic materials and an ideal solution for bonding your bricks to either plasterboard or block walls.

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