The best way to bond brick to brick.

There are situations in a brick built structure where it is sometimes difficult to place a brick in a tight or enclosed space. The mortar falls off the brick before it can be manipulated and inserted into an awkward position. There has been no real solution to this problem other than try to push mortar into the brick joint with metal beams, concrete heads or other bricks in situ. This unfortunately leads to weakened joints that are neither entirely stable nor satisfactory and should be avoided at all costs. Building control inspecting any structural brick work would certainly not pass this type of unsafe work. The question arising from this situation focuses on any alternative means of bonding bricks other than mortar. The most effective bonding solution would have to be some type of very strong adhesive that sticks brick to brick without falling off while being placed in position. There are a number of adhesives that could possibly claim to do the job but fall short on closer scrutiny. The best adhesive solution needs to conform to a stringent set of product criteria that includes high tensile strength, immediate adhesive grab, resistance to temperature and humidity fluctuations, be solvent free and resistant to wet conditions and shrinkage, possess the ability to sustain its effectiveness in underwater environment, have low toxicity and be odourless. After comprehensive consideration of all the contenders only one solution fulfilled the full product package criteria with glowing testimonials to confirm its effectiveness as the ‘go to’ Construction adhesive/sealant.

A revolutionary sealant/adhesive is perfect for all adhesive applications.

An amazing hybrid polymer with a unique formulation has been developed and manufactured by a talented, successful and dynamic Company that shares the name of its flagship adhesive product – CT1. The Snag List Eliminator, as it is now known, has earned its metaphorical stripes through its proficiency and versatility as the most effective and long lasting adhesive solution on the market. It was designed with the Construction Industry in mind providing an extremely strong, safe and long lasting bonding solution. Its endorsement by industry operatives has raised the adhesive bar in terms of efficiency and that level of performance has made it a very popular adhesive solution right across a broad family of industries and businesses. As a solvent free polymer it is resistant to shrinkage, erosion, fluctuating temperature and atmospheric conditions and works very well in or under water with no compromise on bonding quality or longevity. It has a food safe certificate, is non toxic and odourless and creates a bond that is actually stronger than the material itself. It retains a high tensile strength while facilitating movement and is easily applied from a container via an applicator nozzle that delivers the right amount of product to the exact spot. You can create a blob of CT1 up to 50mm deep on any material upside down without it falling off. A truly remarkable bonding and sealing solution this efficient product has taken both the DIY sector and industrial world by storm as the most effective and safe sealant on the market.

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