The best way to attach wooden gate posts to a block wall.

The best way to attach wooden gate posts to a block wall is to deploy a tried and tested industrial strength adhesive that has proven ability to perform heavy duty bonding tasks with consummate ease and effectiveness. It is an ideal way to have gate posts one hundred percent plumb as they can be positioned precisely with a spirit level whilst bonded against the wall. The challenge is to find a powerful yet flexible adhesive product with the ability to grab instantly while allowing some material movement before it begins to cure to form a vice-like grip. Actually finding this super glue solution will dispense with the traditional time consuming and labour intensive method of drill and screw allowing gate post attachment in a fraction of the time – a process that does not always provide exact plumb line verticality. The good news of late is that an amazing solvent free heavy duty adhesive designed specifically for the Construction Industry has come on the market with a list of credentials that make it the most effective bonding agent available.  The major benefits are : a high tensile strength adhesive that grabs instantly whilst retaining some flexibility, allowing perfect positioning of the gate posts and curing to a stupendously strong watertight heavy duty bond.

An innovative construction industry strength adhesive has been developed.

CT1, the home of an inventory of highly successful sealants and adhesives to the Construction Industry and inventor of a new revolutionary heavy duty versatile adhesive named Power Grab n Bond, has excelled itself in developing and manufacturing this superb vertical bonding agent that has quickly established itself as the ‘go to’ heavy duty adhesive of choice for many industrial operatives and tradespeople in the UK. Ireland, Spain and Norway. Its formulation based on their eponymous hybrid polymer flagship sealant/adhesive product CT1 provides amazing instant grab whilst retaining a certain flexibility that does not compromise the titanic strength of the cured adhesive solution. Its considerable properties as a solvent free adhesive combine to create a powerful bonding agent that is endorsed by industrial operatives across Europe. It is resistant to extreme temperatures and weather in general and is a watertight product. It is also resistant to impact, vibration and shrinkage, retaining its chemical tolerance to oil and grease and maintaining its vice like strength in all exterior conditions. Its compatibility with practically all materials makes it a very versatile adhesive and a most useful bonding agent that dispenses with the need for drilling and screwing when attaching wooden gate posts to a block wall. You can use a trigger ratio cartridge applicator for easy dispensing and spreading of Power Grab n Bond on the wooden gate posts.

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