The best way to attach coping to a garden wall.

The best way to attach coping to a garden wall is to glue it in place with a hybrid polymer adhesive/sealant that has strong bonding power and can tolerate wet conditions and temperature extremes. For exterior tasks it is essential to find a bonding product that is compatible with the material it is working with to avoid bonding failure, staining or damage in any way. Most importantly it must bond effectively with the material, otherwise it is a waste of time. The traditional method of using mortar to fix the coping in place is a time consuming and messy way of doing the job and over time the mortar succumbs to temperature extremes and water penetration leading to loose coping and the arduous task of having to replace the mortar. The only barrier to using a faster, cleaner and more effective solution is finding it. The question is – does such a bonding product exist?  The answer in short is – yes! A revolutionary sealant/adhesive that ticks all the performance boxes has been developed quite recently and represents the perfect solution for attaching coping to a garden wall.

The perfect bonding solution is now available.

Attach your garden wall coping quickly, cleanly and efficiently with long lasting effect. That is the reality with a revolutionary new adhesive/sealant that is the brainchild of CT1, the home of a range of very successful adhesives and sealants designed specifically for the Construction Industry. As such they are all quality products designed to work effectively in an industrial environment yet quite at home in a DIY household and domestic setting. Their flagship product is the eponymous CT1, aptly named the ‘Snag List Eliminator’ by the Company. This amazing invention has received wide acclaim as the ‘go to’ adhesive for all applications. Industrial operatives and trades people across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway have fully endorsed the product as the best of its kind and its growing popularity is testament to its efficiency as a powerful sealant/adhesive. There are a number of factors that make it the best product for attaching wall coping. It is easy to apply and it is a clean option but moreover it adheres with a high grab of 265n per centimetre squared. In layperson’s terms that is an extremely strong adhesive.  It also possesses other qualities that add to its attraction and performance. CT1 is solvent free and therefore resists shrinkage. It has a certain flexibility whilst remaining strong and water repellent. This allows natural material movement whilst retaining its performance integrity. The product’s unique chemical construction makes it odourless, non toxic, environmentally friendly and food safe whilst endowing it with supreme grab and tensile strength. Coping can be attached cleanly and quickly to a wall with the adhesive being delivered from the product container via an applicator nozzle that applies the right amount to provide a long lasting adhesive solution

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