The best way to attach concrete blocks to a vertical metal stanchion.

Building a shed that has a steel frame structure poses certain challenges to the builder and bricklayers. The normal conventional building  process uses mortar to bed the blocks which is fine on the horizontal run. When it comes to the vertical build up against the metal stanchion, mortar becomes a slow curing messy option for bonding the concrete block to the steel. The question it raises is – are there any alternative effective means of bonding blocks to steel? Thanks to the development of a new revolutionary heavy duty adhesive, blocks can be attached to a metal stanchion with the application of a few beads of this amazing product. It replaces mortar and all mechanical fixings with a vice-like strength that is resistant to impact, damp, vibration and chemicals. This incredibly efficient invention will save time, labour, cement and sand in delivering a perfectly clean bonding solution. Blocks can be built as quickly as the building process allows with Power Grab n Bond providing excellent initial grab in adhering the blocks to the metal stanchion. Immediate grab is much superior to that provided by mortar and complete curing time is much faster than mortar going off. The end result is a much stronger permanent bond. This super bonding solution is revolutionising traditional methods of attaching all heavy duty materials, saving on time, labour and job costs with a much faster, more effective and cleaner means of adhesion.

A new super strong adhesive bonds heavy materials vertically.

Power Grab N Bond is revolutionising the way heavy materials are bonded vertically. The brainchild of CT1, a Company with massive experience in developing a range of very successful sealants and adhesives with the Construction Industry in mind, this amazing adhesive can bond granite or marble slabs to vertical walls with no slippage. Product grab is strong and immediate providing a high tensile strength joint that is literally stronger than the material itself. Formulated specifically to tackle heavy duty bonding tasks, it is an effective replacement for a host of existing bonding solutions whose performance disappoints as permanent efficient, adhesives. Power Grab n Bond is solvent free and provides a waterproof, impact and vibration resistant bonding joint that exceeds all other gluing solutions in performance. Compatible with practically all materials its versatility makes it the most reliable, fast acting and easily applicable product of its kind. There is no more need for mechanical fixings or supports as this innovative adhesive effectively replaces all previous methods of fixing large slabs of stone, marble, granite or other aggregate materials in vertical positions on block walls. This is the perfect heavy duty bonding solution that trades people have awaited – as attested by the voluminous and vociferous product endorsements from industrial operatives across the UK, Ireland, Spain and Norway. It has effectively become their adhesive of choice for all heavy duty bonding applications.

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