The best way to attach a wooden plaque to a plastered interior block wall.

The best way to attach a wooden plaque to a plastered interior block wall is to glue it in position with a high tensile strength adhesive/sealant that has instant grab and cures to a vice like bond and grip that lasts a long time. Plaques are normally screwed to the wall with brass screws which are intrusive and detract from the cosmetic appearance of the plaque. The whole process includes drilling holes in the wall to take rawl plugs which is tiresome and labour intensive, never mind dusty and noisy. That method of mounting plaques has been the standard for a long time while consumers waited for a new alternative. Thankfully that hope has come to fruition with the development of an amazingly innovative bonding solution that incorporates a host of technical qualities which combine to provide the long awaited perfect bonding solution. Plaques on internal walls in government or council administrations or schools are given a prominent position so they become a focal point for all visitors. For best aesthetic and cosmetic appearance it is essential to stick the plaque in place as opposed to screwing it to the wall with obtrusive screws. This revolutionary new bonding product ensures that the wooden plaque looks symmetrical and stays firmly in place on a permanent basis.

A new adhesive/sealant solution is fully endorsed.

A new revolutionary adhesive/sealant from CT1, the home of a range of efficient adhesives and sealants, mostly designed with the Construction Industry in mind, passes muster with industrial and construction operatives who wholeheartedly endorse this bonding agent named after the development Company CT1. Its unique formulation as a hybrid polymer adhesive makes it non aggressive to synthetic materials and its UV resistance prevents product shrinkage, cracking and erosion. It possesses unique adhesion on almost any material and dispenses with the need for any mechanical fixings or supports. It has excellent resistance to chemicals and vibration and prevents fungal growth. Its environmental compliance and food safe certification make it a very popular product for use in the Medical and Hospitality Industries. Its versatility in bonding materials ranging from metal and wood to glass and polystyrene makes it an ideal solution for bonding a wooden plaque to a plastered wall. The one element that makes it stand out from the crowd is its ability to be spread underwater whilst retaining full strength bonding capacity. This adhesive/sealant is odourless, non toxic and has a further resistance to fuel, oil, solvents and alkalis. It comes in a handy container and can be dispensed at the touch of a finger on an applicator trigger – a truly perfect product for adhering a wooden plaque to a plastered wall.

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