The best way to attach a composite worktop to a kitchen carcass.

When you consider the kitchen environment where the worktop is being attached to the carcass you have to take cognisance of some extreme conditions that prevail in all kitchens and which directly affect the ability of the bonding agent to work efficiently. It is likely the kitchen will be very warm, indeed hot at times, and cold at other times, if not in constant use. It is also an area that will have to tolerate water spillage on the worktop surface, especially around the sink.  Moisture will attempt to penetrate the adhesive seal bonding the worktop to the wooden kitchen carcass so a non penetrative bond that deters moisture egression is essential to maintain the adhesive’s integrity and effectiveness. A revolutionary bonding and sealing agent has been developed to mitigate against the potential of water penetration and dilution of product performance, by a Company named CT1.  The eponymous CT1 is an amazing adhesive/sealant researched, developed and manufactured by the Company. It provides a comprehensive solution to all the challenges any bonding agent will encounter in any environment including the kitchen. This solvent free unique formulation, designed specifically for the Construction Industry, is proving to have multiple applications beyond construction trades. Its effectiveness as a strong, safe and long lasting solution has earned it the title of “The Snag List Eliminator” which is an accolade being echoed by DIY enthusiasts as well as construction workers. Its food safe and environmentally safe credentials make it a favourite adhesive/sealant solution for the Food and Medical Industries.

An amazing revolutionary adhesive/sealant is now at your disposal

This incredibly successful adhesive/sealant from CT1 has taken the Construction Industry and DIY sector by storm and has penetrated many other sectors of the economy so effectively that it has practically become the de facto number 1 choice of bonding product across all sectors. As a hybrid polymer, its solvent free formulation makes it non toxic and odourless, with no emission of fumes or unpleasant vapors. It is also resistant to UV and vibrations with a flexibility that accommodates material movement with no compromise in its performance and integrity as a long lasting strong bonding agent. This is particularly relevant to the worktop situation where some material  movement is expected  – CT1 will ensure the bond quality remains intact to accommodate any movement in the worktop and carcass. It will also repel any moisture and prevent fungal growth, which is essential in a kitchen context that demands a healthy environment and antibacterial solutions. The product itself comes in a convenient container, with an automatic dispenser now available. It is operable at the touch of a finger, allowing complete control over the amount of product being delivered and where it is being delivered to. It is easily spreadable in wet or dry conditions with the exclusive attribute of effective spreadability in under water conditions . CT1 performs to the same high standards irrespective of the conditions or the target material surface. It sticks to any surface with incredible tensile strength, the only exception being polypropylene. CT1 is the perfect solution for attaching a worktop to a kitchen carcass.

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