The Best Sealant for a Leaking roof is CT1

We at C-Tec can say with confidence that our CT1 sealant and construction adhesive is the best sealant available for a leaking roof. It is the best sealant which may be seen as a very bold statement to make in the public domain which leads to the question – why is C-Tec so confident?

Let’s look at the various causes of leaking and the available products to fix this. Roofs are continually plagued with leaks and the most common cause is the movement in the lead flashing where the adhesive has failed to do its job. Exposure to harsh or changes in the weather and temperature can lead to large leaks forming in the roof’s structure. Conventional roof sealants tend to be mainly silicone based with a very short life span. The main reason for this poor quality performance lies within the contained content of solvent within silicone sealants that encourage the product to shrink and lessen in quality performance over time.

Nails in the shingles [in particular old roofs] that have corroded and cracks developing in the shingles are all causes of leaking roofs. A conventional initial method of rectifying this problem is to apply a form of sealant which can be either a silicone or bitumen based sealant. These types of sealants simply do not work for a variety of reasons.

Firstly, the solvent in the silicone will start to evaporate which will result in shrinkage and thus lead to a leaking roof once again. Due to exposure to the elements, the silicone hardens and cracks which also results in the roof leaking again. The bitumen roof sealant is also subject to the same disadvantages but in respect to extreme hardening and cracking. This is why it is best to avoid these types of poor performing sealants and adhesives in exchange for a quality product that you can rely on and that can deliver fast and reliable results.

CTI has none of the above mentioned failings as it is a Unique Hybrid Polymer with no solvent within its make-up so therefore will never shrink. CT1 and Construction Adhesive will not only seal but will also create a formidable bond between most materials such as lead, felt, wood, tile, plastics the list is endless. It can be applied onto a wet surface which is an ideal feature when dealing with an emergency leak. Normally base materials of the roof need to be dry for accurate application but CT1 allows you to fix the problem during any conditions. Flexibility will remain intact and if the materials begin to shift positions, CT1 will easily move along with them without any problems.

As mentioned earlier, many leaks are caused by these elements but CT1 has excellent resistance to all these adverse elements it’s no wonder it is called “The Snag List Eliminator”. Many times the leaking is due to cracked tiles which can be sealed and bonded back together with CT1 and Adhesive. In conclusion there is very little that our CT1 and Construction Adhesive cannot deal with when it comes to leaking roofs.


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