The Best Paint Removal Product 2021: A Quick How-to-Use Guide

Whether you’re stripping paint for the first time or the 500th, it’s a long, laborious task that requires time, energy, and focused attention to get the results you want – if you use traditional methods. But what if you used a revolutionary, award-winning paint removal product that drastically reduced the time, energy, and risk involved with paint stripping?

Peel Tec is the best paint stripping product, as recognized by DIY Week. The prestigious, industry-leading magazine named Peel Tec the Decorating Product of the Year 2021 at their tenth annual awards ceremony. The judges selected Peel Tec as the title winner over four other shortlisted products due to its innovative paint stripping abilities and the benefits it provides for all users. Both experienced and novice decorators can get professional results easily with Peel Tec.

So, how do you use this transformative paint removal product?

Peel Tec is incredibly easy to use. Any amateur decorator can confidently achieve a great outcome with Peel Tec, even on their first use. But to get the best possible results, we suggest you follow our quick, 6-step guide.


  1. Make sure the cap is securely on and shake the Peel Tec can well before use.
  2. Before you go all-in, select an area to test the Peel Tec on first. Peel Tec works on a vast range of surface materials, including stone, asphalt, metal and wood. It’s non-aggressive, meaning it won’t damage the base material (a unique characteristic compared to other paint stripping products), however, to be completely confident that Peel Tec will perform optimally, it’s best practice to test it on a small, inconspicuous area first.
  3. Once you’re happy with Peel Tec’s surface compatibility, apply Peel Tec liberally to the paint you wish to remove. Hold the can 30cm away from the surface and press down evenly to distribute the gel-type liquid. The unique nozzle sprays Peel Tec in a roughly 8cm wide pattern, ensuring thorough coverage of the area.
  4. Leave the Peel Tec for at least 10 minutes to allow it to take full effect. Peel Tec’s innovative formulation means it gets to work instantly, breaking down the paint’s structure to make it easy to remove. But, for best results, wait a minimum of 10 minutes before you proceed to the next step.
  5. Next, take a tool appropriate for your surface material to lift the paint and Peel Tec residue away. If you are working with a material that’s prone to scratching, such as glass or a mirror, it may be best to use a non-abrasive tool, such as a cloth, to reduce the risk of damage. This works best on a thin layer of paint. If you’re faced with thicker layers of paint or more durable surface materials, such as concrete, you may opt for a more hard-wearing tool, like a metal scraper. In this instance, it may be necessary to repeat steps 3-5 to remove all traces of paint.
  6. Clean and dry the area, and your paint removal process is complete!


Ready to get your hands on this award-winning product? Discover more about Peel Tec’s power on our product page.

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